Pub PenWith several projects up for discussion (a $60 million N.C. Civil War History Center, a $40 million baseball  stadium and a $58 million Performing Arts Center), Fayetteville has some decisions to make. The problem with our community has never been that we don’t know what the right path or solution is (enter the consultants), it’s our enviable ability to always make the wrong decisions and do the wrong things. 

Here we have a trifecta of opportunity that can transform this community for a mere $158 million. Considering the waste and inefficiency of our governments, the positive economic impact of the venues themselves, the resulting growth and development in the city and a myriad of financial plans that can be spread over 15-20 years, this is DOABLE. We may never have a better opportunity to catapult Fayetteville and Cumberland County into the 21st century, allowing us to take our rightful place among other culturally enriched North Carolina cities. In sports parlance, “this is ours to lose.”

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