BILLIf you are a decent, God-fearing American, perhaps sitting in church with family and friends listening to a good sermon expounding the importance of obeying and adhering to the golden rule, it really doesn’t matter what religion, race or political affiliation you are: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Southern Baptist, a Democrat, Republican, black, white, Asian or Hispanic. It is here that American values are nurtured and reinforced and compassion for humanity and things that matter consume your senses. 

This is humanity and the basis from which civilizations are formed. Unfortunately, over the last decade or so, it seems these homegrown values of compassion integrity, decency and honesty have been severely compromised by slick, deceiving, dishonest and manipulative career politicians who, over the years, have learned to use their elected positions for their own personal gain. 

Also, fueling this sad scenario is the feeling of helplessness that results in apathy and fuels the trend of extreme political correctness. Many Americans are scared. Many Americans feel our country is out of control and heading in the wrong direction. Why? Because facts, justice, honesty and truth just don’t seem to matter much anymore. Think about it: 

Black-on-black murders continue to grow at alarming rates. It Just Doesn’t Matter. (IJDM)

The IRS (our government) targets and harasses conservative Americans with impunity. (IJDM)

Innocents are dying. In Chicago, black-on-black murders since 2008 outnumber the total of American lives lost in both Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. (IJDM)

Black Lives Matter organizers refuse to acknowledge inner-city carnage or the plight of the poor. (IJDM)

The NFL advocates, supports and encourages 49er Colin Kaepernick’s anti-America, anti-police behavior. Role model??? (IJDM)

Inner-city poverty, crime and black-on-black homicides are at an all-time high after eight decades of democratic governance. (IJDM)

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is an extreme lie still being legitimized. (IJDM)

“Green Energy” is a $535 million loss of taxpayers’ money on the bogus Solendra solar panel project. No remorse. No apology. (IJDM)

$400 million ransom paid to Iran for hostage release. And, still in denial. (IJDM)

Dozens of sanctuary cities disrespect the U.S. Constitution, ignore federal laws, protect and harbor criminals and murdering illegal immigrants. (IJDM)

VA hospitals are in shambles and veterans’ medical care is despicable with no relief in sight. (IJDM)

Republican presidential candidates take a pledge to support the presidential nominee then totally renege on their oath. (IJDM) 

Barack Obama plays golf as a natural disaster devastates Louisiana and kills residents. (IJDM)

Secretary Hillary Clinton lies to bereaved Gold Star mother of Benghazi victim. (IJDM)

Susan Rice lies to the entire nation (five times) about Benghazi tragedy. No apology. (IJDM)

I could go on and on, but, for what purpose? You get the message. American’s must wake up and start speaking out against these blatant, unpatriotic, un-American, unhealthy trends before apathy, dishonesty and political correctness transform our country into something our grandchildren will not recognize as the democracy of the United States of America. Just one man’s opinion.  

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