honeydoFor years, Brad Fluke worked in construction. The hours were crazy, it involved a lot of travel and he was missing out on watching his kids grow up. So, in 2002 he quit industrial construction and started his own handyman business. “What I found was that there are a lot of people in need of a professional handyman,” he said. “My business grew. Fast. In 2008 I turned my business into a franchise. We invest in business owners and give them a model that works. And it works for the community, too, because no one cares about their customers like the business owner does.” 

Marius Mihai is in the construction business, too. When he came to America from his home in Romania, Marius was looking to put his skills to good use. He wanted something he could invest in, a way to use what he is good at and turn it into a successful business. Some of the laws are different here, though. The particulars of getting licenses and certifications are much different. The Honey Do Service, Inc. seemed like a perfect fit. 

“The first thing we did was help Marius get his certifications. He has a state contractor’s license, he passed the state test and then we helped him get other certifications including a lead certification. Many of us live in homes that were built before 1978, and these usually contain lead. Knowing how to handle that correctly is important,” said Fluke. 

Having a dependable team is key as well. “The men that work with us go through a stringent vetting process,” said Fluke. “It is a three-step process. We get to know their skills and we get to know them as individuals. They must be service-minded. Not every construction worker is a good Honey Do worker. They all must pass a background check and drug test, too.”

While some might think contractors and handymen are for the well-to-do, Fluke noted that Honey Do clients are usually working class families where mom and dad both work and just don’t have the time or tools to take care of things that need to be fixed. “Some of the jobs we do, the tools alone would cost more than just hiring us to do the job,” he said.

From small repairs to remodels to upgrades and restoration, The Honey Do Service, Inc. offers professional home improvement and repair services at fair prices. The skilled craftsmen are certified in their fields be it plumbing, electrical work, landscaping or carpentry. “Our home is the biggest investment we make for most people, and helping someone take care of their biggest asset is an amazing feeling,” said Fluke. “One of the best things about this kind of work is to complete a project in days or even hours. You can see what you have done and see how happy it makes your client. It is satisfying helping homeowners.”

The Honey Do Service Inc. is located at 505 Owen Dr. Call 484-0022 for information or to schedule an appointment.

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