SantaLast week I wrote about a crazy holiday situation involving Macy’s department store, Cross Creek Mall, the Salvation Army and the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club, which is a 96-year-old Fayetteville civic organization. At the time, it appeared that the Kiwanis’ 40-year-old tradition of supporting the Salvation Army by ringing the kettle bell inside Cross Creek Mall was breached when they were told they could not ring the bell at Macy’s mall entrance where the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree is located. This sent the disappointed Kiwanis Club to the front entrance of Sam’s club where they actually collected $1,400 in their red kettle. Well, as it turned out, this entire situation was just one of those cases of poor communication and holiday confusion. The good news? All is well in Whosville! It turns out that Macy’s supports the Salvation Army nationwide. Angel Trees, bell ringers and red kettles are collectively welcomed and showcased in over 800 Macy’s department stores across the country. I received a personal letter and phone call from Shannon Smith, marketing director for Cross Creek Mall. Smith, representing the mall owners, CBL Properties, confirmed that local Mall Manager Sam Billingsley and CBL were totally unaware of the “kettle confusion.” Smith also assured the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club that there would always be a place for them and the Salvation Army inside their property. And that, is wonderful news! So, this being the case, we want to extend a very special thank you to Macy’s, CBL Properties, Cross Creek Mall, the Salvation Army and the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club for working together to maintain this 41-year-old tradition (with an asterisk*). This year, the work of the Salvation Army has taken on an extra-special meaning because of the ravages of Hurricane Mathew that displaced so many of our friends and neighbors. Some of them still have not recovered. The Salvation Army is working hard to meet the needs of these residents. Despite their best efforts and the generosity of local businesses, organizations and community neighbors like The Dirty Dozen, the Bill Shaw Skye Drive gang and hundreds of caring individuals, this year’s donations are still critically down. So, please, give generously. Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. *Thank you, Sam’s Club!

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