01FakeNewsPubPenNo one cares more about the health and welfare of Cumberland County residents than Cumberland County Commissioner Jeannette Council. Yet, as the county’s liaison to the Health Department, she and the board of directors were unaware of the alleged charges that the Health Department failed to notify patients of their cancer screening results. 


And says who? 

For weeks, I have been receiving unsolicited and concerning reports that this entire brouhaha is ill-founded and based on sloppy and irresponsible “Fake News” reporting by our local daily newspaper and non-local area TV station, WNCN. 

This entire situation was born out of allegations from three “anonymous” sources. That’s right, anonymous. The newspaper referred to them as nurses. If we don’t know who they are, how do we know their

I doubt they are all nurses. How could something this vitally important go unnoticed by a competent Health Department staff, professional management and a conscientious board of directors? This situation reeks of ulterior motives and sinister underlying personal agendas of disgruntled former Health Department employees.

This could be easily debunked by the slightest bit of investigative reporting by our daily newspaper. That’s not happening.

All we can do now is hope that County Attorney Rick Moorfield’s thorough and objective investigation into this matter will exonerate the innocent and send a strong message to those individuals who think they can use Cumberland County departments, resources and assets for their own personal vendettas or advancement. 

Shame on them and shame on The Fayetteville Observer for participating in and fostering such “bovine droppings” while supporting and endorsing WNCN’’s sloppy, unprofessional and irresponsible reporting. 

The Cumberland County community deserves better than this. Many county residents are dismayed and disappointed at this unsubstantiated sniper attack on our Health Department. Anyone who has experienced the leadership and the dedicated and talented staff knows the truth. 

The many advancements, achievements and accomplishments of Director Buck Wilson over the past several years speak to the high-quality care and commitment he and his staff have for the community and its citizens. It just doesn’t make any sense. 

I implore that Cumberland County use all its resources to get to the truth. Thomas Jefferson once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for men of good conscience to do nothing.”  It is this newspaper’s hope that county leadership will not sit on the sidelines and watch this situation unfold, but that it will get involved and demand the truth. 

Will Rogers said, “I only know just what I read in the (news)papers.” Few people know the rest of that famous quote, which is where the real meaning lies: “...and that is an alibi for my ignorance.” We need not allow a few malcontents and faulty/irresponsible “Fake News” media sources to define our community or quality of life. 

I hope you agree. Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

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