Brian Hutchens is a great example of a servant leader. Recently, Brian and I sat down to talk about how Carolina College of Biblical Studies prepared him for ministry. 

Korver:  Brian, it’s good to have you on campus today. How did you find out about CCBS?

Hutchens: We had a neighbor who was the associate pastor at our church who also taught out here. He was teaching Old and New Testament survey … that was my very first introduction to the school.

Korver: How did CCBS affect your life?

Hutchens: We had a conversation once, you may not remember it. You said, “Brian, you don’t know how fortunate you are to have been raised in churches that taught sound doctrine.” That was true. What CCBS did for me was to help me better understand systematically what I already knew as sound teaching. There are a lot of believers, if you asked them, “What’s your overall theology?” They couldn’t pull it together because they’ve never sat down and worked through it. CCBS did that for me. 

Korver: Of all the classes you took, what was your favorite?

Hutchens: One was the “How to Study the Bible” class. That is a class that I think is very foundational. One of the biggest things that happens with misunderstanding God’s Word is that we don’t put it into its historical-cultural context. 

Another one was “Spiritual Life.” During that class, I was involved in an accident. I had been praying about the Holy Spirit being in control of my life. Then this lady runs this red light and T-bones me. My reaction was, well, it was what it should have been. It was a concern for them. No anger. And I can attribute that to the Spirit. I got a letter from this lady later. She was so appreciative that I didn’t yell at her or rail at her. I had handled it in a very Christ-like manner. That was pretty significant in my life. 

Korver: You’re graduating with an associate degree. How do you think CCBS will help you?

Hutchens: I’m a missionary with Cadence International. We are headed to Vicenza, Italy to do ministry with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. I look forward to bringing examples of faith that will relate to their lives. Basically, evangelism and discipleship. 

Korver: When you were here as a student, how did you pay for your tuition?

Hutchens: While I was in the army, Tuition Assistance. What we found was that, by and large, CCBS is an affordable school. I paid for many classes out-of-pocket. Having an affordable school allowed us to just pay for it. I believe if God wants you to go to Bible school, He will provide a way.

Korver: If you had to do it all over again, what would you change?

Hutchens: If I could do it over again, I would probably look for a block of time where I could have devoted to come in a more set time. I’ve really spread this degree out! (laughing) 

What CCBS provides is an opportunity for those who are in ministry to get the Bible studies and certifications they need at their pace. Then they can grow their education as their ministry grows. I think that is a bonus. This is a school for people who have lives, and so that opportunity was really good for me. 

Korver: Brian, it’s really great having you on campus today. Thanks for taking time to share your story with us. Blessings to you and Kathy as you transition to Italy.

Photo caption: Dr. Bill Korver and Brian Hutchens

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