04 houston astrosHit

The Houston Astros 

It doesn’t hurt local enthusiasm for minor league baseball that the parent organization of our team is the best team in the American League. The Astros have posted a winning record of 60-30 and have a commanding 10-game lead over their nearest opponent.





04 Utility patchesMiss

City Streets

Why doesn’t the City of Fayetteville take better care of our streets? Numerous utility patches deteriorate and make for rough roads. Manholes become the equivalent of pot holes.


04 FDTlogowithTowerHit

Fayetteville Dinner Theatre

What a wonderful idea! Dinner Theatre has returned to Fayetteville, ironically at the same hotel where it was last seen decades ago, but now under a new name. Off-Broadway mainstay “The Fantasticks” was the inaugural show.





04 Bike Lane with Car


Bike Trail

In historic Haymount and some nearby neighborhoods, there are bike paths marked along newly-paved streets. Three issues: Planners put them on steep, hilly roads. Most of the bike paths are not marked as such. And the lack of a city ordinance means cars can park on bike paths. Huh?








04 StadiumLeftFieldDevelopmentHit

Baseball Park

Ground breaking for the downtown minor league baseball stadium is on schedule. City officials hope to begin the project Sept. 1. Preparations are already underway. Construction is expected to take 18 months.


04 Cross Creek Park FlagsMiss

Flag Disrespect

Flags flown at the historic Lafayette statue in Cross Creek Park off Green Street downtown have become badly faded, and one of them is torn.









04 Splash Pad BannerHit

Splash Pads 

The city is wasting no time. Crews broke ground for the first two splash pads authorized by voters in last spring’s recreation and parks referendum. Mayor Nat Robertson was the moving force behind the water features.


04 NY Restaurant 2Toss up

New York Restaurant

The popular Eastern Boulevard restaurant is a throwback to 50 years ago when it first opened: It still serves delicious and inexpensive southern-style home-cooking. But, patrons have to pay with cash. There’s no handicapped parking and the restrooms are outside the building.








04 Hiring VeteransHit

Hire Vets

More and more local and national businesses, literally hundreds of them, are hiring veterans. Two vets I know who’ve been living on the street now have full-time jobs with benefits.

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