05MayorWhat an honor it is to serve as the mayor of such a great and caring City. Fayetteville is truly one of greatest mid-sized cities in the Southeast. Our residents and our diverse culture make Fayetteville like no other city in the United States. We really are a city of History, Heroes and a Hometown Feeling.

I have been working hard to ensure our city operates as a reflection of your expectations. Creating or managing policy in conjunction with our strategic goals and within our scope is imperative to represent your expectations. Public Forums and Café Conversations insure full transparency in communications between our taxpayers and your City Council. 

I believe in leading through a committee process and have established several council committees for input and guidance to the council to better inform the group throughout the decision making process. The success of this type of leadership is evidenced by our outcomes. I believe that through simpler, more user-friendly policies, we can continue to build the economy and improve the quality of life for all of our residents. 

Since being sworn-in as mayor in December 2013 as Fayetteville’s 35th mayor, Fayetteville has become the envy of many Southern cities. In less than four years, our city has accomplished more than any other administration in recent history. The following are some of the highlights:

• Reduced our property crime by 24 percent .

• Set the environment for the addition of thousands of jobs in/around Fayetteville

• Residents approved a $35 million Parks Bond package for the first time ever

• Recognized by the White House for eradicating veteran homelessness

• Reestablishment of the Fayetteville/Cumberland Youth Council

• Signed with the Houston Astors to bring Minor League Baseball back to Fayetteville

• Co-Chaired the Opioid Addiction Task Force with VA Director Goolsby

• Established with the Chamber the Mayor’s Small Business Award

• Changed the zoning along the Cape Fear River to protect our natural resources

I will always remember that I was elected as a public servant, and more specifically to do a job. A job to improve our city and be a steward of the tax money we receive. Understanding this, my focus has been on policy and not politics or social programs. I pledged to you to do the right things, for the  right reasons.

I will continue to improve our business culture, enhance the quality of life for all of our residents and focus on keeping our City and residents safe. I know the initiatives we have supported and the projects we have worked on will continue to improve our city and make Fayetteville more competitive. We are becoming more attractive to outsiders who may want to invest in our community with jobs and businesses in the future. 

It is with great honor and humility that I again ask for your support to continue serving as Fayetteville’s mayor. We, as a community have come so far in the last four years. I know the next two will be even greater. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community that Kim and I love so much! You have my commitment to continue on a path that will have a positive impact on our children and grandchildren for decades to come.


PHOTO: Mayor Nat Robertson

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