05ted donovanWhy am I running for city council. to reduce the tax burden and ordinance laws on the private property owners. The property owners are the ones that are paying for these parks and recreation and the high paying salary of the top employees of Fayetteville. Also to reduce the corporate taxes and regulations on local business. To help bring to the area high paying jobs. The one thing the city council and mayor know how to do is to grow the local government, rise your property taxes and create more ordinance laws to off set property taxes thru fines,  for the last 10 years. But have wasted your tax dollars on things like baseball fields and parks. That have nothing to do with your quality of life, like high paying jobs.  I am not seeking pay or donation for the city council seat to make Fayetteville a better place to live for private property owners and business.

Thank you city council district 2.


PHOTO: Ted Donovan

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