06jackie warnerIt’s that time again and yes I am running for re-election as Mayor of Hope Mills!

I pledge to continue to give my all and best for our community.

Proud, Strong, Determined and Dedicated:

STRONG in Governmental stability — using tax dollars wisely and balancing our budgets.

STRONG in Accountability and transparency in our governmental process.

STRONG in preservation of traditional family values.

STRONG in Public Safety and security.

PROUD of Progressive direction, while keeping community traditions that give Hope Mills its small town family atmosphere.

PROUD of Community Involvement in suggestions for our town direction and growth.

PROUD of establishing our Gateway signs of our town.

PROUD of our Sidewalk plan and goals to make Hope Mills a walk-able community.

DETERMINED to provide responsible, accountable town government and leadership.

DETERMINED to develop Strategic Planning for future growth.

DETERMINED to preserve our town History and Traditions.

DETERMINED to listen to our community voices and react to our community input.

DEDICATED to completion of a long awaited restoration of our Hope Mills Lake.

DEDICATED to preservation of our History through completion of our museum and Heritage Park.

DEDICATED to planned recreational opportunities at former Hope Mills Golf Course. I value your support and vote.

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