08DanLet me first thank you for being engaged and taking the time to read this. I ask that you read it through because there are many, very important issues facing our city.

As the current Chairman of Fayetteville’s Planning C ommission, I am extremely proud of the progress and growth we have made in the past few years. We have moved past the negative monikers of the past and are poised, at like no other time in our cities history, to benefit from outside investment to include state, federal and private sources. We are rising rapidly in both recognition and interest at not only a state but a national level.

However, we also face many challenges in managing that growth to see it be inclusive, continue in the right direction and not repeat the mistakes of the past. This will require experienced, sound and balanced leadership. Your next Fayetteville City Council will be vital part of that process. I want to offer my proven leadership and facilitative capabilities to ensure that our community continues to become a safer and more attractive home for our families.

There is much work to be done. We are losing too much development to the county and other areas due to the economic feasibility of building in Fayetteville. We need to do a better job at incentivizing economic growth by becoming more business friendly in order to attract much needed jobs. We need to continue the community based policing efforts so our streets are safe and we need to correct the lack of walkability and interconnectivity of our great city as well as the problems with our storm water infrastructure.

District 2 has realized some significant improvements over the past few years. We have over 100 million dollars pouring into our downtown entertainment district alone. Projects like Hope VI that revitalized the blighted and distressed Campbell Terrace area, providing safe and modern housing for many of its residents, are also evidence of this. I want to continue this positive momentum to areas like Grove View Terrace and Buckingham area. We need to look at creative incentive programs for city owned, blighted properties to encourage home ownership. This will not only get them off the cities books and increase revenue but will keep local communities together while building social capital in those neighborhoods.

I have garnered a wealth of experience working within the community as well as on municipal levels. I co-founded Happenin’ in Haymount with my wife Ashely, which is now over 4,000 strong. This not only created a more effective community watch of our local area but promotes social engagement, improving the overall quality of life for our neighbors. I wish to continue that movement to the rest of District 2 so that others can become more engaged and invested in their local neighborhoods. This is not campaign rhetoric. We need viable solutions to improve the overall quality of life for all our residents and I have proven that I am the man to do that on your next city council.

I am committed and willing to do the work that needs to be done and I give you my word that every decision or action I take, while in your employ as a City Council member, will be made in the best interest of the citizens of Fayetteville.

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