Summer is going by quickly and fall will be coming soon. This is prime time to enjoy the state by riding and camping. To help you prepare for a camping trip I’ll give you some tips on your packing list. First, you need to make sure you have bags for your bike or some way to transport the camping equipment. It does not take long to fill up a bike. Space quickly becomes prime real estate. Next, create a packing list. Write it out and make additions and deletions as needed. Here is a list of items you will want to take:
    {mosimage}Air mattress, camp saw, candles, collapsible chair, compass, cord, ground cloth, hatchet, Swiss Army knife or Leatherman, lantern, matches/lighter, sacks and/or bags, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stakes/rope, tent and toilet paper.
    For cooking: camp stove and fuel, can opener, coffee making stuff, condiments, cooking pots/pans, corkscrew, cup(s), dish soap and pad, dish towel, drinks, food, garbage/trash bags, knife/fork/spoons, water bottle(s), coffee, salt and pepper and sugar and creamer.
    Bike items: bike cover, saddlebags, boots and socks, scarf, bungee cords, spare bulbs, cargo net, spare fuses, chain oil/wax, spare key(s), earplugs, tank bag, gloves, tire-patch kit, helmet, toolkit, jackets, totes, windshield cleaner, Leatherman tool, lock/security stuff, oil, rain gear and rain gloves.
    Personal stuff: Medications, brush, shampoo, casual clothes, shaving kit, Chapstick, soap, comb, sunglasses, contact lenses and cleaner, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, towel, waterless hand cleaner, wet ones, deodorant, towel/wash cloth, fanny pack, backpack, Kotex/tampons and reading glasses.
    Clothing items: sports bras, sweatshirt(s), cycling shorts, swim suit, hat/sun visor, T-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes/sandals, polypro underwear, underwear, shirts, shorts, socks, sweater(s).
Information items:
    Binoculars, palmtop computer, book(s), paper and pencil/pen, camera and accessories, passport/ID, cell phone and charger, phone list, cellular modem, radar detector, diary, registration papers, driver’s, license, MP3 player, GPS, tickets/passes, insurance, travel guide(s), intercom, laptop computer, maps, membership cards.
    Remember to take hard copies of your itinerary in the event you can’t get computer connections or something happens to your electronic equipment.
    Miscellaneous items: ear plugs, travel pillow, bug repellent, sewing kit, cable ties, snake bite kit, cash/travelers check/ATM card, credit card(s), quarters, space blanket, stamps for post cards, duct tape, sunscreen, extra batteries, Superglue, first aid kit, flashlight, freezer bags (for packing/waterproofing), ibuprophen/Tylenol, rubber bands and poncho to cover your equipment.
    Once you make your list, start setting items out. Sort and pack the items in a way that you will remember where to find them. Last trip I spent a lot of time looking for items throughout my bike, because I didn’t have them grouped in a logical fashion. Don’t check them off of your list until you actually pack them on your bike. Make the list work for you and your needs. Add as needed. If you don’t have room on the bike, you can always prioritize your needs and buy what you need when you get to your destination. Scrub your list to the absolutely essential, can’t live without, make the trip more comfortable items.
    If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, please send your comments and suggestions to RIDE SAFE!

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