03booksThe Old Testament was originally written primarily in Hebrew (with a little Aramaic sprinkled in a few chapters of Daniel). The New Testament was originally written primarily in Koine Greek (also a few Aramaic words used in the Gospels). As you may know, many English words have their roots in Hebrew and Greek, especially Greek.

 The Greek word for “book” is transliterated “biblos,” from which we get the word “bible.” Technically speaking, the word “bible” could refer to any book. However, because the early church was so focused on studying, understanding, applying and teaching the Bible, they commonly added the article “the” to the word “bible” to get “The Bible,” or quite literally, “The Book.” It was THE BOOK of the church. They realized it was the only source of divine revelation; it was the only book that God had ever written.

 That book is the source of Carolina College of Biblical Studies’ mission, which is obedience to the great commission as we partner with local churches to disciple believers in Christ through biblical higher education.

 While CCBS is different from many colleges and universities, it has one thing in common with most of them – our library is a focal point of the campus. It is there that students and patrons from the community can access what scholars have written on a topic or portion of scripture. Because the library is important, CCBS recently completed a major expansion and relocation of the Mark and Marilyn Boyd Library. The size of the library was more than tripled to allow for the growth in our collection and to provide a quiet place to study.

 While still purchasing traditional hardback books, more than ever before, CCBS is purchasing electronic books. These books allow our growing number of online students (who now represent 17 states and one foreign country) to access the collection and receive the same excellent student services our local students enjoy.

 CCBS does not want to add resources to its collection merely for the sake of growth; therefore, the college has a procurement policy whereby potential books are vetted by professors and the librarian to ensure the collection exposes students to a worldview that aligns with scripture. Solomon wrote that of the creation of new books there would be no end (Eccl. 12:12), so I can’t imagine CCBS will ever cease adding books to our collection until our king returns.

 The apostle Paul, in Romans 12:1, commanded believers to “renew their minds.” In part that process involves a serious consideration of what God has said on any topic. The study of the Bible is often aided by additionally reading good books about the topic or passage being considered. CCBS focuses on “The Book” and has more than 14,000 volumes in the Boyd Library to aid its students (and our community) in the study of that special book.

 If you live locally, you really should stop by for a tour. Better yet, why not make use of the Boyd Library for your enrichment?

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