13TrueEach year, the Hope Mills Town Hall staff sponsors a family’s Christmas through the Rockfish Elementary Adopted Families program. It started almost 10 years ago when the Hope Mills Town Hall staff contacted the social worker at Rockfish Elementary School. The social worker informed the staff about families with specific needs, and the staff began pooling their money to help.

This year, the employees of Town Hall, along with a few others, were able to help a family of six enjoy the holiday with gifts for all four of the children, ages ranging from 6 months to 9 years old. The staff was also able to donate gift cards for food shopping for the family’s Christmas feast.

Clara Hines, permitting specialist for Hope Mills, heads up the town’s participation in the event. “It’s the right thing to do,” she said. “This is one time of the year where we get to give back.”

I personally give because it lifts my heart to know I am helping someone in need. The spirit of Christmas lives in our hearts at Hope Mills, and its employees enjoy spreading good will to all and showing our love of others at this time of year.

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