03Leaves in the roadMISS: Leaf season

The Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Fayetteville as a Tree City for 15 years. A lot of trees means a lot of leaves and pine needles. This year’s loose-leaf collection schedule is a joke. All the leaves cannot possibly be collected by city crews with one sweep through each neighborhood. There used to be two sweeps each fall. Because of the cutback in this basic service, leaves are left in the street.

HIT: Transit Center

Finally, the new, $12.6 million transit center is open. Facilities for Greyhound have not yet been constructed, but the city is providing the carrier temporary office space. The new, brightly lit terminal provides comfort and efficiency for riders and brings Fayetteville in line with other large North Carolina cities.

MISS: Traffic enforcement

Former Police Chief Harold Medlock promised a significant expansion of the department’s traffic division. But then he retired. Let’s hope Chief Gina Hawkins recognizes that the Fayetteville Police Department must make a significant increase is visible, aggressive efforts to stop red-light running and speeding.

MISS: Trash recycling station

The recycling center hasn’t been in place on Fort Bragg Road near the recreation center for a few years now. Maybe it’s time the city takes down the sign.

HIT: New and improved streets

The city of Fayetteville is to be commended for the resurfacing of major thoroughfares across the city. The state Department of Transportation is also doing its part, and Owen Drive should be among the next arteries to be improved.

MISS: Yielding instead of stopping

Most drivers do not stop for stop signs. They usually check both ways and cruise on through intersections. The city should consider replacing most stop signs with yield signs, ’cause that’s what we do.

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