05mitch colvin copyHIT (Mayor to mayor)

Hope Mills Mayor Jackie Warner told her board of commissioners the other day that Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin had phoned her to establish a working relationship. She said in her six years as mayor of Hope Mills, Colvin was the first Fayetteville mayor to reach out to her.

MISS (Dumb drivers)

A lot of motorists in Fayetteville don’t know what double yellow lines mean. They often think they’re moving into the left turn lane when in fact they’ve crossed a double line into an oncoming lane. Dumb! Turning lanes are marked with broken yellow lines.

HIT (Mother Nature)

She was kind to us during the statewide snowfall this month. Many communities to our north and west got a foot and more of snow. Fayetteville got an inch.

MISS (Code enforcement)

Fayetteville officials depend on residents to enforce the city’s code of ordinances. Most violations are reported by people using the “FayFixIt” app. That’s a good thing, but city employees should be among those doing the reporting.

MISS (Driver education)

Drivers of large trucks, especially tractor-trailer rigs, should follow the rules of courteous motoring on fourlane and larger streets and highways. They are supposed to keep to the right in outside lanes except when passing, but they don’t. Traffic would be a lot smoother for everyone if the police and state highway patrol would enforce the rule.

HIT (The movie “12 Strong”)

The declassified true story of the first 12 American Special Forces soldiers sent to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attacks in the U.S is terrific. The powerful war drama was embellished some but is among the best combat movies depicting military heroism ever.

Photo: Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin

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