04CarltonTo all retired military and their families who live in the Cumberland County area and are registered voters:

I retired at Fort Bragg after serving for 27 years (all active). My name is Victor Hyatt and some of you probably know me. I was first stationed at Fort Bragg in 1964 and was in and out of Fort Bragg until I retired in 1989.

When I first arrived, Sheriff Clark was the sheriff, and GI’s didn’t stand much of a chance for fairness and equal treatment in the Cumberland County Court System, nor from the police and sheriff’s deputies. Over the years, with the help of commanding generals of both the (18th Airborne) Corps and (82nd Airborne) Division and some good politicians, things have gotten a lot better. However, I have seen Sheriff Jones (did not help the previous situation much), Sheriff Bedsole and Sheriff Butler assumed or was elected to office and serve their terms. (sic)

Our current sheriff was not elected. Sheriff Butler did not die in office as was the case with Sheriff Jones, Sheriff Bedsole was appointed by the county commissioners, (of which he was the chairman of the county commissioners at the time) (sic) and that is what the county commissioners have done this time at the bequest of retiring Sheriff Butler.

Sheriff Wright is probably a fine man who has served his time, and in my opinion, should retire. But he has not proved himself to be the kind of sheriff this county needs and deserves. I believe if you check his qualifications, you will see that he is not as qualified as others seeking the office of sheriff.

The reason for this message is to inform you of one very well and best qualified individual (sic) who is seeking your help in becoming the next sheriff of Cumberland County. I have known Carlton Sallie for many years, and he is the best qualified individual running for sheriff of our county.

He is prior military with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as serving as a sheriff’s deputy for several years in different counties, has attended and qualified in several different courses of training in the many different fields of law enforcement, an instructor in law enforcement and served on a security detail for high level personnel in Iraq. (sic) His integrity is beyond approach, (sic) he is a family man who cares deeply for his family, he is a God loving man who believes in the word of God, he loves his country and believes in the Constitution of our beloved country.

With your support, Carlton Sallie will be the next sheriff of Cumberland County. I know he would be honored and humbled to have your vote.


hank you for your support. 

Photo: Carlton Sallie

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