10FTCCdisability In the heart of Cumberland County is a college where education provides hope for dreams. A vision that began more than 50 years ago continues to thrive as an ideals-driven learning institution. Realizing the demands of higher learning, Fayetteville Technical Community College paves the way for many students by making their desires a reality.

Advancing toward achieving diplomas or certificates allows students the opportunity to embark on new career paths. Progressing through course offerings can be daunting for anyone, especially those with disabilities. The Disability Support Services Office advocates for students regardless of their physical or mental impairments and provides them with equal educational opportunities. Graduation or academic accomplishments are not always simple victories, especially if one has limitations.

Community agencies collaborate with FTCC to extend services through a vast array of resources, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Services for the Blind, various medical centers, numerous mental health providers and more.

FTCC regularly connects with these vital organizations to spread public awareness and responsiveness. Affiliates from separate agencies or institutions work together to serve the needs of the students. Each organization’s amenities, accreditations, licensees and funding further the student’s purpose. Promoting the most advanced educational options available to students with a disability requires alternative access to learning.

The DSSO acknowledges agencies within North Carolina Health and Human Services as being vital contributors to FTCC. The Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Services for the Blind, are divisions within North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Representatives from these organizations have been assisting FTCC students for many years.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services of Fayetteville is a leading government organization that joins with FTCC in helping students with disabilities. The VRS provides student support through training, counseling, assistive technology, job placement and other services. Students can utilize the VRS to pursue disability determination, community rehabilitation or rehabilitation assistance to complement their learning at FTCC.

The Services for the Blind is an active division that helps students progress in their academic and career endeavors. This government organization assists individuals who are visually impaired, blind or deaf and blind to gain employment and attain independent living. Students receive services that help them with college or university training, vocational and technology training, transitional services and more. FTCC connects its mission with their purpose by offering wide varieties of courses in curriculum and certificate programs.

Fayetteville is thriving with licensed mental health providers and medical doctors who provide trusted diagnoses for students. Submitting a diagnosis to the DSSO allows for FTCC to grant accommodations to the student based on personal needs. There are instances when having proper medical documentation is necessary for specific accommodations, which are available on a case-by-case basis. FTCC will continue to maintain ADA compliance standards through the DSSO with federal and state laws and regulations.

FTCC believes in providing equal opportunities for all students. The heart of the school is the student body, and regardless of one’s condition or disability, FTCC will continue to support every student to help them achieve their academic dreams.

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