Sarah Palin reminds me of Marge Simpson on steroids. Wholesome but cranky in a ‘roid range sort of way. I loved the Republican convention. The delegates looked like the membership committee at a country club. That was one pale bunch of dudes and dudettes. They must use a lot of SPF 2000 sun block to stay that white or maybe they are vampires. It won’t matter if the arctic ice cap melts, as we will always have a sea of Caucasian delegates at Republican conventions to remind us of what a blizzard of white looks like. Clint Eastwood would have been proud of all the Pale Riders in SUVs pulling up to convention center.
    Sarah gave a dandy speech. It was steak tartar for the huddled masses at the convention yearning to keep tax breaks for the very wealthy. With Sarah, what’s not to like if you like the way things are going? She made fun of the poor and middle class folks who have to rely on “community organizers” to try to get the system to respond to them. The effluent affluent have “community organizers” called lobbyists making the system respond to them. If the non-rich would hire their own K street lobbyists, Sarah wouldn’t have to make fun of them.
    Her experience as mayor of Wasilla will prove useful if she gets to be VP. As mayor, she tried to fire the city librarian who refused to censor library books if Sarah asked her to do so. Censorship by the government is always a great idea. The government should decide what we can read and think. Consider Saudi Arabia’s Committee for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. It keeps the chadors long and reading choices limited. With Sarah as President of Virtue and Vice of the United States, we won’t be troubled with differing opinions. Towing the party line will be fun. Bucking the party line, not so much fun. Lots more room on library shelves once Sarah gets rid of the books that don’t meet her personal standards.
    She’s doing everything right to fit into the Washington Bushworld culture. Relying on her experience canning the Alaskan Public Safety Administrator who refused to fire her highway patrolman ex-brother-in-law, she will be able to step right into the fine Bushian tradition of firing U.S. Attorneys who wouldn’t prosecute Democrat office holders for political reasons. If you can’t use political power to get even with your enemies, what’s the point in having it? She’ll be making a list of who’s naughty and nice and checking it twice. She’s all lawyered up to stonewall the Troopergate investigation by the Alaskan legislature until after the presidential election.
    She flip-flopped on the Bridge to Nowhere like John Kerry windsurfing off Massachusetts. Sarah was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. She finally opposed the bridge when the late TV night comedians shamed Congress into canceling it. She didn’t get her bridge but she kept the bridge appropriation for $200+ million for Alaska. She’s not only the queen of moose burgers but she’s the queen of pork as mayor and governor. She’s grabbed umpty millions of lower 48 states’ tax dollars in earmuff marks for her constituents which she now opposes.
    The whole Sarah phenomenon has a certain Alice In Wonderland quality that is pretty cool. Her foreign policy experience consists of being governor of the closest state to Russia. We don’t know enough about Obama after two years of campaigning, but we know enough about her after a 40 minute speech to make her VP for the oldest president ever to take office. You have to admire the Through the Looking Glass gloss of McCain’s campaign.
It was fun watching the various speakers at the convention fuss that McCain was going to bring change to D.C. They had severe cases of acute convenient amnesia that President Bush has been in charge for the last seven years and the Republicans controlled Congress for six of the last eight years. Bush wasn’t in charge when the housing market tanked, the stock market crunched, jobless rates reached a five year high and more Americans found themselves without health insurance. He was in Crawford, not his fault, not our fault. But as McCain chanted “Change is coming! Change is coming!”{mosimage}
    The conventional theory is when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. McCain’s theory is “Elect me and we’ll have new shovels for everyone.” Like the old saw about new wine in old bottles, the Republicans are pledging new shovels in old holes. Can you dig it?
    I can hardly wait for the next mukluk to drop.

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