02taxThis week, Publisher Bill Bowman yields this space to Don Talbot, a citizen who shares his thoughts on the City-County Li- aison Committee meeting. The meeting took place Wednesday, Aug. 15.

There was discussion at the City-County Liaison Committee meeting regarding the food and beverage tax of 1 cent. Mayor Colvin recommends increasing it by a quarter of a cent, which I think is quite laudable. As far as the North Carolina Legislature is concerned, if you do not request it, nothing will ever become of it. Great idea, Mayor Colvin. This tax to increase revenue is across all people who purchase food and beverages and is more than equitable.

Increasing the ad valorem tax that Larry Lancaster suggests – which only extracts money from people who own property– might be easier, but it is not fair. General fund revenues should come from all citizens who come and go within our cities and county. Sales taxes are a better way to go, and they are more palatable.

If the county really wants to save money, then take away the patrol and detective officers from the sheriff’s office and have the Fayetteville Police Department go to a metro police force. Other police departments in Cumberland County should also be folded into this metro force. The sheriff’s office duties could be limited only to court and detention center requirements. Centralizing police activities would make for a more efficient force.

About Shaw Heights and a proposal to realign Shaw Road, it sure would be nice if officials were more transparent about what might be happening. Those property owners in that area have a right to know what might – or will – be happening to them.

I do believe that if the commissioners and city council lived in that doughnut hole, they, too, would be upset at what has not transpired since the Big Bang.

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