05 to the editorAs law enforcement officers were order to stand-down, outside criminal radicals draped the monument with curtains. Over the course of 1 1/2 hours, criminals when to work on the statue with a blow torch and tools to detach it from its pedestal. With the monument covered and no law enforcement effort to stop the radicals, a tow rope was attached and the monument was toppled from its pedestal. The next day, Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue emailed his officers and thanked them for their efforts.

So far, UNC-Chapel Hill has NOT produced emails and text messages from UNC Campus Law Enforcement and the Administration. All media requests for information MUST be honored under North Carolina’s Open Records Law WITHOUT delay. More to come! We will not rest until justice is served. All who committed these acts of violence and property destruction or were complicit in the illegal activities WILL be held accountable. The monument will be reinstalled within 90 days from the date it was toppled under North Carolina General Statue Section 100-2.1).

View the August 20th play-by-play documentation of the toppling of the Boy Soldier Monument on, as UNC Campus and Chapel Hill Police do nothing: https://youtu.be/4azmlIsLxJs

– Thom Goolsby

Editor’s note: The following two submissions are in reference to Up & Coming Weeky’s Aug. 28, 2018, Publisher’s Pen.


 I have to agree that everyone should pay an increase in the food and beverage tax, be it either one percent or preferably a quarter of a cent, which our mayor recommends.  I am tired of property owners always having to have to pay, and pay more. This always hurts seniors more and more who have paid for their homes and then property taxes go up.

Thank you.

– Barbara Braig Ward

Mr. Bowman 

Kudos for allowing Mr. Talbot to use your space for this excellent article.

(It) shows a lot of class to allow citizens (however learned) to share insight into the workings of the government using this media. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and Mr. Talbot’s comments were spot on. 

He was expressing changes that a lot of citizens in this county have been discussing and would like to see implemented.

– Tim Cannon

Editor’s note: The following submission is in reference to Up & Coming Weeky’s Aug. 22, 2018, Publisher’s Pen.

Good article, Bill.

I agree with you on the NFL. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I was a big Seahawk fan since its inception in the mid ’70s.  No more. Didn’t watch one NFL game last year and don’t intend to start again. I record a good college game on Saturday and watch it Sunday afternoon.

I now see what goes on at the Purple Heart Dinner. Sorry I missed that. Maybe see you at the next one. I have a Purple Heart from an exciting incident on June 8th 1969 when I was part of the Scout Platoon in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam. 

See you next year. 

– Mike Brown

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