02brett kavanaughLast week, Brett M. Kavanaugh was finally confirmed as the newest Supreme Court justice, though by one of the narrowest margins in recorded history. Now the Supreme Court of the United States will have a conservative majority that will hopefully met out fair and sensible judgments based on the rule of law and not partisan politics.

All judicial decisions need to be determined and interpreted on their merit and in relation to the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law – not partisan politics. Any Supreme Court justice, Republican or Democrat, performing outside these parameters needs and deserves to be removed. This is one American institution that needs to be purely objective. After all, this is how we maintain civility, fairness and law and order throughout the nation.

Unfortunately, Kavanaugh’s appointment has angered and divided the liberalleft whose passions, emotions and actions play out via screaming store-bought protesters and activists. This kind og desperate and outrageous behavior is contrary to American values and is embarassing to both parties and all Americans. It only breeds more hostility and does little to build consensus or instill confidence in our national leadership.

In this hostile environment of “say anything – do anything” politics, there are no real winners. Only losers. It’s sad when a debate over judicial ideology creates a month-long disagreement among parties and morphs into a contentious national debate over alleged sexual misconduct.

Unfortunately, this bizarre behavior and political divisiveness in our nation’s capital is having a trickle-down effect onstate and local governments everywhere. Here in Fayetteville and Cumberland County, we have experienced the effects of identity politics and the aforementioned ugly “say anything – do anything” political strategy. This keeps good, intelligent, fair-minded and well-intentioned people from stepping up and serving in government. It also allows those less qualified to restrict community development and progress.

This effect on our community is not openly discussed in public and is often cloaked under a dark veil of political correctness. But this situation does exist. The Fayetteville community has untold potential and opportunity. We need to be aware that identity politics breeds incompetence and personal agendas that can lead to corruption – i.e. Tyrone Williams – and slow community growth.

We excel in so many ways! We need to be on our guard and not allow identity politics to slow or destroy our community’s commitment to its residents.

Stay alert and thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

Photo: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

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