05FlyFayetteville The Jan. 16, 2019, issue of Up & Coming Weekly featured a Publisher’s Pen article by Bill Bowman about the virtues of the Fayetteville airport. Here are some of our readers’ unedited responses.

Hi Bill!

As usual on point! I learned the hard way about trying to save a couple of bucks flying out of RDU instead of Fayetteville. Long story short, it was a nightmare and I will never ever do it again! What really hurt Fayetteville is when U.S. Air merged with American Airlines and they cut the flights to and from Reagan National a couple of years ago.

I frequently traveled to Washington when that flight was available because I have family in Maryland. And it was cheap! Maybe someday we will get it back — along with other destinations — but until then, flying to Charlotte or Atlanta will suffice. And you are also correct, the Pentagon is only two stops away from the Reagan National on the Metro Subway system. It was very convenient for people in the military.

Have a great day!

Nelson L. Smith


Mr. Bowman is 110 percent correct in this article, “Fly Fayetteville!” I have found this airport for my wife and I to be far friendlier and more accommodating with us and her post knee surgery accommodations! Also, taking into account the almost two-hour, 90- mile trip, expensive RDU parking and time wasted, to us it makes sense to FLY FAYETTEVILLE!

Matthew Fagin


This isn’t a reflection on the airport. It’s a reflection on local government. That airport will never be more than a hub. But if they want large airlines to invest... they should give them something to invest in. They need to create industry in our community. And to do that they have to invest in our community! When you spend all of your time publicly disrespecting Fayetteville and all aspects of the community... you can’t really expect the residents to commit and you sure as hell can’t get outside agencies to commit. Local government owns that airport. They want it to be better, then they need to make it better. Or resign. Either option would be an improvement.

Liz Blevins via Facebook

Also in the Jan. 16 issue, Karl Merritt wrote about the government shutdown and misplaced outrage. Here is one reader’s response,

As I read your column on the 34th day of the trump shut do down. Yes, it’s his shut down, he said he would do it, and he said he would own it. He did it but he is not owning it. He also said that Mexico would pay, they told him that they would not pay for his wall. Thump lied, and he continues to lie everyday. To close the government is only hurting honest hard working people. For you and thump to bring up the drug and crime components is disingenuous. Placing a wall on the southern border will not solve the drug and crime problem. This is a complete shut down of the federal government and it’s shameful. It’s people like you and trump that I pray for every night that God will change your hearts.

James F. Hawkins

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