As some of you know, I get packer's anxiety. I travel a lot, but I have a list for my list. Anytime I can simplify my packing and downsize my load is a win.

 When packing, everything has a place, and every place has a purpose for your travels. Space is always a challenge when traveling. Over the last six months, I have been working on reinventing my packing methods. In the past, my packing was a hot mess. Finding what I wanted when I wanted it was often frustrating. While motorcycling, every day you pack and unpack. Being organized makes for less mess and less stress and saves time.

 Packing cubes are one of those things I have found to be great. I have about eight different sizes of cubes for various space limitations. I used to pack my clothes by items. All underwear, socks, etc., were together. Now I pack by the day. The cubes I bought are dual-sided. One side is waterproof, and the other side is vented. This is good for separating dry and wet clothes or dirty and clean clothes.

 Laundry soap bars are a great way to wash your clothes on the road. I know this sounds crazy, but wearing your dirty clothes in the shower and soaping them up is good way to do the laundry after a long day of riding.

 Ziploc bags are great. I have a ton of them in different sizes. I use these for things I need to keep dry, and I can see what is what. I use them to waterproof my wallet to keep it dry while riding through the rain. I use them for my medications. I use heavier bags for my tools so I can quickly find the right tool for the right job.

I have a few small clear cosmetic bags for packing my electronic chargers and cables.

 On one trip, I pulled off from an ATM and did not realize I left my ATM card in the machine until I got to the next gas station. I was in Kansas City and had to borrow some money from a friend to finish the trip. These days, I carry a spare credit card and cash and keep them on the bike, just in case something happens to my wallet, or  I do something stupid like leave my card in an ATM.

As you continue to refine your packing skills, Nirvana is achieved when everything has a place, and every place has a purpose for your travels. If not, you overpacked.

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