Update: Due to the spread of COVID-19, as a precaution, the Community Roundtable has been cancelled. 

Mayor Jackie Warner has probably survived two of the most turbulent years of her political life. Like the persistent and ingenious Don Quixote, she took up her lance and, along with her faithful friend and sidekick Sancho Panza, better known as Commissioner Pat Edwards, they challenged the unscrupulous and formidable windmill that was stifling Hope Mills’ growth and tainting its image. Warner’s lance of perseverance scattered the windmill’s four sinister sails of nastiness, gossip, innuendo and fake news, allowing truth, honesty and integrity to triumph over greed, selfishness and small-town pettiness.

Now comes the celebration, and with it, well-deserved municipal progress and responsible leadership now sitting at the dais of authority, leaders that collectively have the same positive vision for the future of Hope Mills and its residents. Cooperation now seems imminent in the town, and that is the vital element
for success.

The March 19 Community Roundtable will be hosted by Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper, Harmony at Hope Mills and the town of Hope Mills from 6:30-9 p.m. Members of our Cumberland County legislative delegation will be on hand. They have recently demonstrated remarkable cooperation on significant issues by coming together and setting aside their political affiliations to address local issues that affect all residents — like the situation we now face with GenX.

People over politics. We hear that phrase a lot around election time. However, how often do we experience it? You will experience it March 19 when Sen. Kirk deViere, D-District 19; State Rep. John Szoka, R-District 45; District 44 Democratic State Rep. Billy Richardson; and Cumberland County Commissioner Michael Boose come together to speak on important issues that affect all of us. Local town updates will be provided by Hope Mills Town Manager Melissa Adams and Mayor Jackie Warner. Elizabeth Blevins, president of the Hope Mills Creative Arts Council, will discuss Hope Mills’ emerging arts and cultural programs. The evening will be fun, entertaining and informative with plenty of prizes and surprises. Mark your calendars to attend. It will be great fun.

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