If you’re anything like my family, breakfast is one of your favorite meals of the day. I’m not talking the breakfast you eat when you first get up — I’m talking the breakfast you eat when the craving hits you for BREAKFAST.
    There are a few restaurants in town that offer you the chance to get breakfast any time of the day and there’s a new restaurant to add to the list: Langley’s Famous Pancakes.
    The restaurant, located at 1424 Bragg Blvd., is a little off the beaten path — it’s located in the old International House of Pancakes building. A couple of other restaurants have come and gone in that location — but it is our sincere hope that this one stays in business a long, long time.
    Langley’s isn’t your run-of-the mill restaurant. The folks who own and operate the restaurant really, really believe that their customers come first. On my first visit to the restaurant, the owners brought out free pecan pie to all of their guests. I quickly found out this wasn’t a one time thing. When the Up & Coming Weekly staff put an order in for breakfast, the restaurant staff was completely willing to go off the menu to cook whatever the staff wanted.
    Up & Coming Weekly’s administrative assistant, Suzy Patterson, craved a little something different, and the restaurant staff was only too happy to oblige. Suzy ordered a scrambled egg sandwich, with melted cheese, topped with a tomato. (I know, it sounds a bit odd to me, too.) But the folks at Langley’s didn’t blink. “It absolutely melted in my mouth,” said Patterson. “It was so good.”
    On that particular morning, Up & Coming’s graphic artist Shani Lewis was particularly hungry, she was also particularly busy, so her breakfast had to sit a while before she got a chance to eat it. “You know when you eat your breakfast, and it’s cooled down, and it’s still really good ... that it’s really good,” she said.
    Lewis ordered a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. “It was delicious,” she said. “A lot of restaurants skimp on the bacon — but they didn’t skimp. My sandwich was covered with it.”
    Now, so you don’t get it in your head that the only thing you can eat at the restaurant is breakfast, I have to tell you about my experience. I met Up & Coming’s publisher, Bill Bowman, at the restaurant one day for lunch. He chose breakfast, while I chose to order off the lunch menu.
    I ordered a hamburger, and while I was debating on what kind of side, our waitress, Abbey, quickly informed me that the breakfast potatoes couldn’t be beat. I took her at her word, and ordered them as a side. Boy, was she right.
    The potatoes are cut fresh into chunks, and seasoned with a delightful mix of seasonings. One bite and I was sold. I am not alone. The entire Up & Coming staff is hooked on the breakfast potatoes.
    My hamburger was also a surprise. Instead of the expected frozen patty I had anticipated, I received a fresh, hand-patted burger. It was cooked to perfection, and was one of the juiciest burgers I’ve had in ages.
    I found out that Langley’s purchases all of its meat fresh from a local butcher — including the T-bones, which is one component of their breakfast special. In addition to the freshness of the food, there is also a plenitude of it. There is more food on your plate than you can shake a stick at, but don’t let it deter you from sticking your fork in it.
    The restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., so make a run down the boulevard, you’ll be glad you went off the beaten path.

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