09 jesse dyer UtiKgdpOmEI unsplashWithout a doubt, the year 2020 has been one to remember. Although things developed so rapidly on so many simultaneous fronts, it's been an easy year to forget, as well. How many things have you adapted so far? Birthdays, holidays, school and vacation — all of us have had to adapt to a continually shifting environment as we try our best to maintain forward momentum, haven't we?

Personally, I've learned a lot about resilience. This year has been a journey into what it looks like to walk away from any sense of status quo and learn to do the things you've always known in a way they've never been done before. Like you and everyone else, there was no choice but to slow down, regroup and redefine the path — and in many cases, even the goal itself.

As we've challenged ourselves to rethink everything from work to church to birthday parties, this tired old adage has become more relevant each day: "Change is inevitable. Learning from change is optional." As we continue to learn and grow, we easily offer more challenges to another tired mantra: "We have always done it that way."

With change being the order of the day, the real question now is where to look for constants in our life. Where is your foundation and what is the source of stability as everything around you is shifting?

As a former military family, we've long since learned the value of a solid home life. One where meals together at the table, siblings attending each others' dance recitals, ball games and school plays are not in question. We moved around the world and across the country, but we were always a family, and family mattered. As my children now have families of their own, I see that playing out in their homes, too.

Another constant for many is a strong spiritual life. One where accountability to God and others comes in high on the list. For those who ascribe to Christianity, its namesake himself taught that those commandments (out of the 10) were the greatest, "... to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love others as you do yourself."
In all honesty, when we observe those two, most of the rest of life falls into place pretty nicely. It's when we take those commandments into our workplace, into our families and into our social life to heart that we find ourselves more adaptable to changes that come our way — whether they find us in the midst of a pandemic, an economic crisis or civil unrest.

So, whatever is shaking in your world today, I hope your foundation is firm. If not, the changes going on around us provide the perfect environment for a personal shift toward more solid ground.

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