04 dumb people in publicFrom 1954 through 1961, Art Linkletter produced a marvelous television series called “People are Funny.” If that show were still on television today it might be titled “People are Foolish.” Almost daily there are reports of new cases of the coronavirus all over the world. Despite the warnings to stay out of crowds and always wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and use disinfecting tissues on anything you touch, some people who don’t like being told what they can and cannot do refuse to follow these life-saving rules. People who willfully refuse to use plain old common sense are not only harming themselves and their families, but they are also a definite threat to those of us who are cautious and follow sound advice from medical doctors.

If you come near someone who sneezes, you need to run away from them as quickly as possible, because a single sneeze is so powerful it can travel as far as 200 feet. This is about two thirds the distance of a football field, and about the distance between your house and four houses down the street. It is foolish to attend ball games, bowling alleys, bingo games, or any other places where there are a large number of people. It is similar to going into a building that is on fire, because there is a good chance you will be burned.

Last summer many foolish college students refused to wear face masks as they crowded the beaches and had a good time being close to their friends. A few days later, many of these students tested positive for the coronavirus. Some schools that opened this fall had to quickly close because both teachers and students tested positive for the virus. Some churches that refused to follow sound medical advice also had to close when members of their staff and congregation became deathly sick with the coronavirus. As long as people refuse to use logic and obey simple rules, we will continue to see an increase in the coronavirus pandemic. It is also unwise to attend family gatherings this holiday season, because you never know who in your group might be carrying the virus that could so easily infect you and your family. Because the coronavirus is rapidly increasing all over America, the CDC recommended that we should avoid traveling for Thanksgiving, because it could greatly increase the spread of the virus. Risky behavior in November could affect us all [in a worse way] in a month – around Christmas time.

We should be very thankful that there is now a vaccine that could make us immune to this terrible virus that is now overflowing our hospitals and causing us to be confined to our homes. Although the new vaccine , which is said to be about 95% effective, may soon be available, it may not be available to everyone until many months later. Just because there is now a new vaccine, should not make anyone become less cautious about following the rules and guidelines recommended by medical doctors. We can never be too careful. There is an old saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We definitely should continue wearing masks, and staying away from people until the coronavirus is totally eradicated.

The reason many people continually do things that help spread this deadly virus is the fact that they are extremely bored. Many people have no interest in anything but watching the garbage that is now on many television programs as they fill their bodies with junk food that will cause them to gain lots of unwanted weight. All they like to do is overeat, sleep and watch television when they could be doing constructive things like reading a good book, cleaning their house, watching educational television. They could greatly help other people, especially their elderly friends, who would enjoy a telephone call from them to cheer them up during these depressive times. That phone call could also improve the outlook of the caller. When we help other people, we also help ourselves. We should also spend some time in prayer for those who have the virus and for the families of those who have died from it.

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