05 Hypocrasy WarningIt's becoming outright depressing to witness the gross hypocrisy taking place in America and permeating our daily lives. Many of us try to avoid this disorder, but to no avail, falling victim to mass depression, overeating, alcoholism and untimely suicides. It's horrid, devastating, and it's everywhere! Hypocrisy is present at all government levels, our local communities, our educational systems, businesses and even our churches. With no end in sight, it's spreading unbridled at epidemic proportions.

The sad truth is that here in America, we have only ourselves to blame. Slowly over the decades, we allowed politicians (both Democrat and Republican) to become much too powerful and greedy, allowing subversive and self-serving corruption to prioritize serving their country and the American people with fairness, justice and even humanity. Our entire political system is corrupt and vile. Americans' welfare and safety are no longer a priority or concern of most wealthy and elite elected political operatives. This is evident in law enforcement's weakening and the disregarding our Constitutional rights and the rule of law. Justice is not being served, and it is evident in the neglect we see in addressing many serious issues such as the southern border crisis, the advocacy and defense of criminals over victims' rights, condoning the inhumane treatment of women and children in the hands of known criminals who beat, rape, abuse, and sell them into sexual slavery.

The Americans who support and encourage this despicable and inhumane behavior are not third-world despots. They are wealthy, fat and arrogant bureaucrats that we elected and are staying in power by changing, manipulating and ignoring the rule of law. These people are the richest amongst us and can ignore the laws that we have to abide by.

This situation will not have a happy ending for future generations of Americans unless we come to our senses and start calling out those basking in this hypocrisy. I'm talking about regular everyday citizens in our community. The ones that sit on non-profit organizations and advocate for women's rights, protect them from abuse, support right to life or choice agendas, advocate for children, or any of the dozens of social service programs created to serve the poor and underserved.

These same people actively support the agencies, parties, people responsible for the policies and actions that are causing these atrocious inhumane acts. Acts that are tearing America apart one Constitutional Article at a time.

Here's my message: In the end, that uneducated child, that sick and infected migrate worker or MS13 gang member or similar undocumented criminal, child molester, rapist, or murderer will suddenly and without notice change your life forever, and not in a good way.

America is in a deep state of denial. Nothing good is going to come out of our current situation. So, while we collectively romance the criminals, attempt to disarm the innocent, dismantle our laws, embrace and defend policies of inhumanity on the southern border as the Mexican cartel gangsters continue their reign of terror by throwing six-month-old babies in the river and throwing three- and five-year-old little girls over a fourteen-foot border wall then running away. You may be curious as to why they would do such a hideous act when they could have walked those youngsters into American through an unguarded opening just a few hundred yards away.

Well, here's why: first, it was an intentional act of hostile aggression by the Mexican cartels who wanted to send a pointed message to America. They intended those children to die from the fall so America would have blood on their hands, giving the anti-border wall folks more talking points.

Second: the cartels were sending us a pointed message that they were in control of the border and had the power and wherewithal to do anything they wanted, including murdering children at will.

Those of you who are reading this and still have control of your conscience but are having trouble sleeping at night may want to know of an organization that feels your pain and anxiety. This organization professes that if you think you cannot support the kind of policies and hypocrisy taking place in America, they encourage you to WALK AWAY from it. Walk away from the people, policies and politics that conflict with your American values. There is peace of mind when you surround yourself with people who value others' rights, the Constitution, and American values. Color, creed or ethnicity doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome except the hypocrites. Check it out at www.walkawaycampaign.com.

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