Dear Editor:
  April is the Month of the Military Child and together, we can create an engaged community!
  Many of you have expressed interest in developing a program that can be modeled every April. April is a great month to live in Fayetteville: students will be on spring break the second week in April and the Dogwood Festival is in April. April is also Child Abuse Awareness Month. After the “Living in the New Normal” public engagement held last October, we have reconvened as a community and are actively listening to the requests of our stakeholders.
  Here are some ideas for the Month of the Military Child:
  •Proclamations from the city, county, school board and the state declaring April as the Month of the Military Child;
  •Military Child Appreciation at various locations;
  •School-sponsored programs in the elementary and secondary schools;
  •Military student art/Ppetry contests;
  •Local businesses acknowledging Month of the Military Child on signs and marquees;
  •I really like the idea of a military family bike ride through downtown.
  Of course, many other ideas will emerge and will be welcomed.
  I can continue to  coordinating the Month of the Military Child efforts, with your support.
Shannon Shurko,
Military Child Support Liaison,
Cumberland County Schools


Dear Editor:
 Heather Griffith’s movie reviews really don’t get it, man. I was OK on a few but when she downplayed Taken, she blew it. That is one movie that deserves more than three stars.
  Also, the subject of annexing Gates Four needs your attention. I don’t care if Tony Rand lives there or not. Gates Four should be annexed and the longer Fayetteville plays around, the stronger they become. Even though they think different, they are no different than anyone else. No one else has been given the time like Gates Four. Who are they afraid of? I think (Up & Coming Weekly publisher) Bill Bowman should write on this. Think of the tax dollars we are losing. If they annexed Gates Four, maybe they wouldn’t have to raise taxes for everyone else.
Joe Sulich,

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