4After attending the recent municipal forums, listening to the candidates on the radio and reading their social media posts, I can honestly and confidently make several assessments. For the most part, these candidates are honest, hard-working, and good-intentioned Fayetteville citizens with deep concerns for our city. Otherwise, they would not be seeking public office.

However, I question the motives of several of the newbies and a few incumbents who are vying for reelection. The current configuration of districts in our city council does not allow for a cohesive community vision. After all, because of how the nine Fayetteville municipal districts are determined, it fosters an environment that encourages, protects, and disguises laziness, neglect of responsibilities, and gross incompetence while restricting our voice in local government. For more information on this issue visit, www.voteyesfayetteville.com.

If history and past performance are indications of future leadership expectations, then why would anyone think these dysfunctional, uncooperative and uninformed city council placeholders would perform any differently if reelected? Tisha Waddell resigned her position in District 3 on November 9, 2022 after realizing, among other things, that it was impossible to work and achieve anything for the citizens of Fayetteville in such a hostile, dysfunctional environment. She resigned after realizing there was no path forward to improve or influence change for honest and transparent governance for all Fayetteville residents.

As we listen to these political wannabes, everyone seems to tout public safety, the unhoused, storm water, infrastructure and the need to make Fayetteville a cleaner and more attractive business-friendly city. All spewing words without substance that go primarily unchallenged by the general public. These are ambiguous talking points and sound bites void of remedies, solutions, or plans to move our city forward. They do not reflect a working knowledge of how the city government operates.

The Fayetteville Can Do BETTER campaign, funded by donations collected from citizens who want a better Fayetteville, will run through the General election on Nov. 8. The campaign has two primary objectives: To remind and encourage people to vote in the upcoming elections and let the current city-elected officials know that we see and experience what they chose to ignore every day in our city.

Up & Coming Weekly is accepting contributions to the ad campaign and photos highlighting issues in our city from the community. Please email me directly at bill@upandcomingweekly.com or send them direct to Fayetteville Can Do BETTER c/o Up & Coming Weekly, 208 Rowan St., Fayetteville, N.C., 28301.

Fayetteville is a fabulous community with great potential for a bright and prosperous future, but only if we can elect leaders with integrity and a strong work ethic. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.
Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

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