6I wish to go on record as having a strong disagreement for the comments of Senator Clark in the 8/17-23/2022 edition of Up & Coming Weekly. Not only are they one sided but the photo displayed is lacking most of the folks he would be speaking on behalf of.

Senator Clark in his commentary of 8/17-23/2022 is obviously playing the crowd with his references to all the good things the Democrats have done for us. Must be an election year?

Where is his mention of the Democrats who robbed our social security savings? He did not mention that most of the retired folks over 62 have paid into the program 50 or more years and it is NOT an entitlement to us as the Democratic Party likes to proclaim? We earned it, and some of us have worked since age 12 paying into the program and take offense to the Democrats destroying this country and running it into the ground.

Democrats are giving away our social security benefits to illegal immigrants who have not paid into the system. I feel for the immigrants' plight but they did not come into the country legally and [have not] paid a dime into the system but are taking benefits taxpayers have earned. If they come here the legal way and obey our laws and pay taxes like the rest it would not be a problem.

Why would anyone in their right mind vote for these flawed Democrat policies?

Both parties have their respective faults, don’t get me wrong, but the U.S. was self sufficient under GOP leadership before Biden and the Democrats closed the pipeline and started giving away our heritage.
Does he mention, too, about the billions in military equipment that was given to the Taliban by Biden and the Democrats? These are people who are trying to kill us, why would Democrats and especially any military or veteran in the 9th District be expected to keep voting for him or any other Democrat that follows these seriously flawed policies?

We were prosperous and thriving before the last election and the party that destroyed our prosperity is the Democrats.

Senator Clark seems to be beating a dead horse in order to join the other misguided millionaires in Congress.

That is my 2¢ but I speak on behalf of many of my friends who share similar views.

—Timothy Cannon, Fayetteville

Editor's note: The referenced article by Sen. Ben Clark can be found at https://www.upandcomingweekly.com/views/8944-why-democrats-should-win-every-election
Sen. Ben Clark has served since 2013 in the NC Senate representing Cumberland and Hoke counties. He is now running for the NC 9th Congressional District, which consists of all of Chatham, Hoke, Lee, Moore, Randolph and Scotland and parts of Cumberland, Harnett and Richmond counties. The 9th is also home to Fort Bragg.

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