8It's more than obvious that Ms. Terryberry is feeling the desperation that conservatives are experiencing now.
Her wild and preposterous speculations about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 are very transparent and laughable.
It's more than obvious that Democrats are continuing to put in work to benefit the American people; In the meantime, what have conservatives done in the past year and a half?

Nothing but whine, obstruct and offer nothing more than rhetoric-filled excuses.
That will no longer work in the real world. The American people have had enough of Republicans doing nothing but blocking progress and attempting to drag America backwards.

Case in point: This Spring, when a bipartisan committee was formed to tackle the inflation problem, not one Republican even showed up, much less offered a workable solution. It's more than obvious that conservatives only care about millionaires and billionaires who put money in their pockets, while the American working and middle classes, who keep the economy going, are ignored and excessively taxed.

Here's the reality: After Democrats win a historic victory in the November midterm elections, they will be running the tables for the next decade, possibly beyond. Progress and prosperity will happen, and conservatives can thump all the bibles they want after the fact.

There will be a higher minimum wage, voting rights, abortion rights, and strengthening of social security and Medicare. Our nation's crumbling infrastructure will finally and realistically be dealt with. Much needed gun control laws will be in place to protect our school children so they can have a proper education without fearing for their lives.

Oh, teachers will be allowed to teach, without the conservative dogma.

As the late President John F. Kennedy once said: A great change is at hand.

And conservatives will no longer hold back America from the future and promise it deserves.
It's not about a BIG government, it's about a BETTER government — one that will benefit all Americans, instead of a privileged few.

—Keith Ranson, Fayetteville

Editor's note: The referenced article by Paige Terryberry ran in the Aug. 24 issue. It can be found at https://www.upandcomingweekly.com/views/8968-five-ways-the-inflation-reduction-act-harms-americans
Paige Terryberry is the Senior Analyst for Fiscal Policy at the John Locke Foundation.

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