18 Known as Total Body Resistance Exercise, TRX is a specialized form of resistance training. It was developed by former U.S. Navy Seal Randy Hetrix. The suspension training uses body weight to develop balance, flexibility, core strength and stability actively engaging all or some of the body groups together.

The concept of TRX is void of the traditional weight machines and lifting. A TRX training device is a heavy-duty strap suspended from the ceiling with two handles that are designed for the feet and hands with interlocking devices that adjust the straps for different heights.

The straps are attached to a secure anchor point with five length adjustments for exercises that incorporate the upper and lower body as well as the chest, arms and back. It is an easy gym to carry because the strap can be easily secured to any structure that will hold weight including the back of a door. The support weight of a strap goes up to 1,300 pounds.

TRX trainers have worked with personal trainers, coaches, athletes, first responders and service members.

On Oct. 15, I will be taking a preliminary course on the foundation elements of teaching that will be the beginning of my continued education in comprehensive courses. The preliminary course has a detailed hand reader of 50 pages to bring to the nine-hour class, which is the introductory training course for strap positioning, cueing and techniques. It is meant to be a continuing program with functional training incorporating different modalities in a variety of training sessions. It incorporates strength, balance, endurance and stability.

TRX training engages the fitness level of people training and instills the ability to progress at the beginner level as well as the advanced levels that engage the exercises for intensity, duration and strength. The system focuses on movement, allowing different body parts to be mobile while other areas remain stable.

It is suitable for all levels from beginner to athlete because of body positioning for level challenges. It is a good workout for strength, balance and flexibility as well as cardio endurance. The low-impact movements do not put much stress on your joints with less chance of injury.

TRX can be an excellent training tool for older adults, people that sit all day and people with injuries.

An example may be the execution of a squat which requires stabilization, balance, quadriceps and glutes. The handles of the system help to split the weight distribution between the upper and lower body. The participant may be able to perform a squat while gaining confidence in the ability which leads to progression in performance.

It is also an excellent training tool with balance exercises because the participant can eliminate the fear of instability.

Older adults may resist trying one-leg balance exercises without the aid of a wall or rail. The system provides a dynamic point of stability without fear of falling over.

It is also a good system to mobilize joints and improve flexibility allowing gravity for ease of movement.

A health professional may recommend TRX for you as a functional exercise to develop a strong core, back pain, to deal with a knee or balance issue.

As an example, one that has difficulty getting off the floor can gradually gain confidence as they progress with a suspension system.

There are hundreds of TRX exercises, and many traditional classes have found their way into the platform such as yoga, pilates, barre, high intensity and cardio circuit. I personally like to use TRX as an extension of the barre classes that I teach and love the increased range of motion.

Live, love life and TRX.

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