FTCC ConstructionAs the department chairperson for the Building Construction Technology and Carpentry programs at Fayetteville Technical Community College, I have enjoyed serving in this role at FTCC for several years. This experience has provided me opportunities to work side by side with some amazing people including faculty, staff, administration and especially students.

I have also been rewarded in seeing many of our graduates become extremely successful entrepreneurs or work in high-level management positions with various construction businesses throughout our county and state.

Many people may not realize this, but some of the wealthiest businesses in North Carolina are in the building trades area. The demand is constant because people will always need new homes or renovations to their existing homes. Our objective within the Building Construction Department is to train individuals who can meet that need and help them develop successful careers.

The Building Construction Technology Program is a two-year associate of applied science degree program. Emphasis in the program is placed on building and carpentry, but students can also learn plumbing, electrical and HVAC skills through program electives.

Some students work in construction while completing their degrees. FTCC’s work-based learning program helps students establish credits toward the program degree. After graduation, students can easily find jobs.

Some of these jobs may involve working with a construction firm as a project manager, working as a NC building inspector, or as a Cumberland County construction employee. Students can pursue becoming a NC Licensed General Contractor. Whatever the desire, the Building Construction Technology Program can get you there.

Another great experience available through FTCC’s Building Construction Technology program is hands-on learning. Students in the program will apply what they have learned in the classroom by working on actual building projects. We are proud to partner with Fayetteville Habitat for Humanity, Kingdom Development, Veterans Empowering Veterans, and many other nonprofit organizations in building homes, additions, or in renovating existing structures.

This service not only promotes a great educational learning experience for our students but also helps these agencies continue to serve the great people of Cumberland County in a positive way.

Every student feels a sense of pride and a great self-worth when taking a moment to stand back to admire a completed house and recognize that a deserving person or family will soon receive a dream home thought to be unattainable.

What a great honor it has been for me to experience the many great accomplishments taking place through the work at FTCC.

Qualifying students can receive financial aid and veteran benefits, and scholarships are also available. Learn more about FTCC and the Building Construction Technology and Carpentry programs.

Email me at carterk@faytechcc.edu or call 910-678-8475 for more information. The dream career leading to better pay starts with better skills. Join us at FTCC to explore your many options.

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