Big-time comedian Michael Blackson, also known as the African King of Comedy, will perform June 15, at the Crown Center to raise funds for the Ngorli Organization, a charity that aims to further the education of children in underdeveloped communities in Africa.

Taken from its official website, Ngorli “takes the stance that some of the key components needed to reach children and initiate a passion for learning are: education, motivation, exposure and interest-based learning. It is important to enable children to see themselves beyond their current conditions and circumstances. Placing literature in their hands makes a connection to their daily lives, while at the same time expanding their thoughts and ideas regarding their own potential.”

In Ghana, more than half of the schools are privately owned and only 40 percent are owned by the government. In this system, children whose parents cannot afford private school are left with poor scores and fewer opportunities. That’s where the Ngorli Organization provides assistance by helping the less fortunate communities through the funding of libraries and other educational infrastructure. The organization “believes that together we can advance the course of humanity by promoting and creating a constructive environment and well-resourced educational facilities for children in underprivileged societies.”06-05-13-michael-blackson.gif

Ngorli, meaning future or hope in the Ewe language, serves as the philosophy of the organization. Like its name implies, the organization has created an array of programs to help children overcome obstacles like poverty and illiteracy through scholarships, counseling, competitions and medical screenings both locally and abroad.Originally from Ghana, Blackson is known for his humorous portrayal of American culture, which shines a spotlight on the often times ironic nature of everyday American life as seen by an outsider. Blackson launched his career as a stand-up comedian in different locations around Philadelphia, Penn. His big break was his role in the comedy film Next Friday (2000) where he gained a large following, which led to the release of his top-selling sketch comedy CD, Modasucka. Blackson has appeared in several other film and television programs since, leaving audiences in tears of laughter.

When it comes to entertainment, there are few better ways to conclude your day than to see top-notch comedians perform while simultaneously contributing to a child’s education and future. One thing’s for sure; if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind performance, comedy genius Blackson will not disappoint.

Also performing that night are Shaun Jones, R&B artist Eliz Camacho and more. Buy your tickets at to ensure the best seats for optimum giggles! The show begins on June 15, at 9 p.m.

Photo: Comedian Michael Blackson will perform at the Crown on June 15 to raise funds for the Ngorli Organization.

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