18WannaPlayOk. Confession.

I used to hate Christian music. 

Well, not hate ... more like get sick of/bored with/tired of exponentially quickly. That’s hard to say for someone who now works in Christian Radio (and loves her job, by the way). 

Christian music has typically been 5-7 years behind what’s currently trending on pop stations around the country. I just could not get past the fact that everything sounded the same. Every song was like the one before it, and I knew as soon as I heard one single note, even without hearing any lyrics, that it was a Christian song. They had a certain “sheen” to them. As someone who loved Jesus and music, this bothered me, so much so that I wouldn’t listen to a Christian radio station throughout my college years.

However, in the last decade, Christian musicians have upped the ante, and dare I say Christian radio programmers. Don’t get me wrong – there have always been artists who have “pushed the envelope” - believe it or not, there was a time when Christian radio stations thought bands like Third Day were “too aggressive.” Crazy, right? We’ve come a long way, to say the least.

I’m proud to be a part of an industry that isn’t striving to “keep up with the Jones’s,” but rather seeks to remain relevant – and is actually doing a pretty good job at it. Hey, its made me a convert. I love it. It’s family-friendly, relevant-sounding and Jesus-honoring – a triple whammy.

I like to play this game I made up with folks who don’t particularly like Christian music. It doesn’t really have a name. I can’t come up with anything shorter than “What-Christian-Artist/Band-Sounds-Like-Your-Favorite-Artist/Band?” - it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, so I don’t think it will catch on, but I digress...

Think you don’t like Christian music? Think you won’t like our station? Willing to try it out?

Let’s play “What-Christian-Artist/Band-Sounds-Like-Your-Favorite-Artist/Band?” 

Like Coldplay? Try Bryan and Katie Torwalt.

Like Tupac? Try Lecrae.

Like John Cougar Melancamp? Try John Tibbs.

Like Michael Buble? Like Ed Sheeran? Wonder what they’d sound like together? Try David Dunn.

Like Tori Kelly? Try Hollyn.

Like Beyonce? Try Blanca.

Like Mumford & Sons? Try Carrollton. 

Like Paramore? Try Veridia.

Like Chain Smokers? Try Joshua Micah.

Like The Script? Try Unspoken.

Like Maroon 5? Try Lincoln Brewster.

Like Adele? Try Lauren Daigle.

Like country music? Try Hillary Scott (from Lady Antebellum) or Micah Tyler.

Like Switchfoot? Try Switchfoot. (That was just for giggles.)

Now I’m not saying you will get a carbon copy of your favorite band – that would totally negate the first point I was trying to make here, that Christian music is able to contend with mainstream music in its originality and musical authenticity. However, the list goes on and on. The beauty of a Christian radio station is there’s something for everyone. Try Christian 107.3. You just might discover a new favorite. 

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