The Story Behind Mercy Me’s New Song

This week in The Buzz we find out what’s been going on with several Christian artists, get the story behind Mercy Me’s new song “The Hurt & The Healer” and let you know about a free song download.

Where in the world is…Jonny Diaz? 04-25-12-the-buzz.jpg

Recently Jonny helped lead worship at the home church of fellow art-ist Heather Williams. While there, he also shared a couple of his new songs including “Beauty Of The Cross” and “Scars”. About “Scars”, he said, “You know, as Christians, so many times we think we have to have it all together — or at least appear that we do. But one of the best ways to show the power of our Savior is by showing what it is that we’ve been saved from. When we’re willing to admit we’re an absolute mess without the blood of Jesus Christ, that’s when people can see what it is He has done in our lives. We all have scars — whether emotional or physical, self-inflicted or caused by others. Because of what Jesus did on that cross, because He took our place and rose again on Easter, we don’t have to hide our scars!”

What is happening with … Mercy Me?

Evidently there’s this really huge Christian music festival in Australia. It’s called Easterfest. Mercy Me decided they needed to head down under and take part in the experience. Naturally, one of the tunes they played was their latest radio hit, “The Hurt & The Healer.” The song, like so many from Mercy Me, comes from a couple of experiences the band had over the last year. One of those experi-ences was the death of a cousin of lead singer Bart Millard who was a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty. Bart helped the newly widowed mother of two in the days after the tragic loss of her husband. He saw once again how God is faithful even in the darkest of times and “The Hurt and The Healer” was born. The new CD of the same name will be available May 22.

Was that Sara Groves singing at the White House?

As you may know, the President hosts an Easter prayer breakfast every year the week before Easter. This year, among many clergy and Christian leaders, Sara Groves was asked to share a song. After President Obama gave some opening remarks, Rev. Cynthia Hale of Ray of Hope Christian Church offered the opening prayer. She then introduced Sara Groves, who sang “He’s Always Been Faithful To Me.” The President and all those in attendance genuinely enjoyed Sara’s musical contribution to the annual event.

How would you like some free music?

Moriah Peters debut CD I Choose Jesus has just been released. A free download of the title track, as well as performances and interviews, is available at

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