Walking the grounds of Fox Hollow with owner Daniel Fitch, the sheer luxury and tranquility of the place is astounding. It is 22 acres of Eden like bliss. The lush greenery and finely sculpted shrubs perfectly complement the elegantly placed fountains and statues. Garden rooms of different styles and eras reside within yards of each other yet each one has its own ambiance and ability to transport whoever visits to another place and time. The historical period represented is 16th century: the serenity is timeless. {mosimage}
     The garden and two out buildings have been 10 years in the making, well researched, well thought out and painstakingly and lovingly brought to life by Fitch and his wife Kathy. They aren’t done yet-and may never be. You see, Fitch’s love of historical gardens, for all the joy it brings, has been as much about his soul as it has been about his passion for beauty. In his quest to create this sanctuary, he has had permit officials laugh at him, zoning officials and developers tell him it can’t be done, and according to Fitch, his own wife has called him crazy.
     Still, the desire to keep going would not leave. At one point, he asked God to either take this yearning from him or help him bring it to fruition, because money was tight and it there was no obvious answer as to how Fox Hollow could ever become a reality. The desire never left, so Fitch plodded along, sometimes purchasing the shrubs for the landscaping one at a time because that was all he had enough cash to pay for. “I was determined that if I stuck with it, it would eventually happen,” he said. And it did. “When I see young people I want to encourage them to reach inside and find what fires them up, what makes their blood run. When I finally did that, this is what happened.”
     Now, with countless hours of toil behind them, and beautiful gardens before them, the Fitches are ready to share their property with the community. “This was built to inspire and benefit people,” said Fitch. The setting is perfect for creating memories of that perfect wedding day, which several lucky couples have already done.
     Charity events are also welcome. There are a few on the calendar already. The Foreign Affair to benefit Children’s Charity International, is slated for the garden on April 30. There will be champagne and wine-flights with aperitifs. For more information, call 578-6154.
     The Fayetteville Wine Society is hosting its Spring Gala at Fox Hollow on May 2. Proceeds will benefit the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and Children’s Charity International. There will be wine tasting, fabulous food provided by some of Fayetteville’s top restaurants, and the Fayetteville Jazz Orchestra will be setting the mood with their 18 piece band. Tickets are $75, and can be purchased at Luigi’s and Grapes and Hops. For more info, check out www.fayettevillewinesociety.com.
     Check out the Fox Hollow Web site at www.foxhollowdesign.net, or give them a call 964-0104.

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