Walker Death 1 Three body-camera videos were released Friday afternoon showing officer interviews with witnesses at the scene of the shooting death of Jason Walker.

Walker was shot and killed by Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Lt. Jeffrey Hash while he was off-duty.

The first video, which was 49 seconds, shows officers arriving at the scene and several people around the Hash's truck. The officer asks if anyone saw what happened.

One man says he saw Walker jump on Hash's vehicle.

"That fellow [Walker] jumped up on the hood, and he [Hash] got out of his car and shot him," the man told the officer.

The video ends with officers asking if anyone was related to Walker and Walker's father identifies himself.

The second video, running one minute and one second long, shows an officer talking to Walker's father. The father tells officers that he told Walker to come back to the sidewalk after Walker ran across the road. Walker was running back when Hash drove up.

"He was in the dang-on street when that fellow pulled up. He jumped up on the guy's hood, and the guy [Hash] jumped out and starts shooting him."

The father then points out the windshield wipers and says Walker hit the windshield with the wiper, which Hash stated had been removed from the vehicle by Walker.

The officer asked if Walker had any mental or medical issues, but Walker's father says he did not.

The third video shows an officer taking a statement from Elizabeth Ricks, who held a shirt to Walker's wounds before he passed, and her partner, Chase Sorrell. The couple videotaped the aftermath of the shooting.

Ricks says she did not see what happened before the shooting. She tells the officer that Walker was on the ground when Hash got out and shot Walker.

The video interview with Ricks and Sorrell is two minutes and 56 seconds long.

In a press release, Jodi Phelps, the Corporate Communications Director for the City of Fayetteville, says they are trying to release more footage.

"The footage released today is only a few minutes long and represents the first videos we submitted to the judge. However, the City has filed a petition to have all of the body cam footage released which encompasses about 20 hours of video. Staff will be working as expeditiously as possible to review that video and submit it for the judge's consideration."

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