4Late Saturday evening, I received a nasty and cynical anonymous text from a person accusing and criticizing Up & Coming Weekly for befriending and promoting former WFNC's morning host, Bill Murphy (actually Brian Neil Holland), Cumulus's recent radio personality that Cumulus Media hired (and fired) at the beginning of the year to replace the retiring Jeffrey "Goldy" Goldberg. Well, U&CW did nothing to warrant such criticism.
A follow-up text from the anonymous person challenged me to do another article on Bill Murphy now that he (Brian Neil Holland) has been exposed as a career criminal and con man. My texted response to Anonymous was, "Look, you ‘has been,’ if you sign your text messages, the article will appear in the next edition of U&CW." And, as I suspected, my anonymous gloating critic entered his name, and it was Jeffrey "Goldy" Goldberg. You are reading the article I promised.
Goldy's text messages referred to an article I wrote on January 10 (www.upandcomingweekly.com/views/10322-community-talk-radio-is-back), to welcome Bill Murphy to the Fayetteville community and extend to him the same hospitality and professional courtesy we would any media newcomer. Our relationship and contact with Murphy occurred when Cumulus Media employed him.
We have had no affiliation with Murphy since he departed from the radio station, except for a speaking engagement at a local Republican Party Luncheon booked when he was the WFNC radio host. U&CW is also not involved in the conservative newspaper he allegedly planned to publish.
It's unfortunate but true that Bill Murphy is Brian Neil Holland, a Suffolk, Va., career criminal and con man. Goldy had a jubilant bluster over the recent discovery that some years back Holland had warrants served on him in Onslow County and Hertford County, N.C., charged with sexual battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and in Hertford County, N.C. for felony embezzlement of a small pizza business he managed there. Studying Holland's impressive resume and aligning it with his work history, it's obvious he was pretty crafty at staying one step ahead of the law. Holland appears to be a versatile con with experience and expertise in many career fields.4a
He boasts online of being a national on-air talk host, news director, radio station general manager, program director with a radio career that took him nationwide on dozens of syndicated stations. He also has claimed to be a journalist and newspaper publisher, the CEO of a live events production and promotion company, a political campaign consultant, a television program producer, and a sports and documentary programmer. Pretty impressive, huh?
I promised Goldy I would write this article, so I want to inform him of a few things. First, my January 10 article not only welcomed Murphy into our community but also commended Cumulus Media management for hiring a replacement who could be more open, well-rounded, fair, and balanced in their commentary, news, and information.
These attributes would benefit the entire Cumberland County community and not just the left-wing progressive zealots that Goldy catered to by bashing Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservatives at every opportunity.
Secondly, I want to remind Goldy that WFNC and Cumulus Media management hired Bryan Neil Holland, alias Bill Murphy, not the Up & Coming Weekly community newspaper. This begs the question: How can a media giant like Cumulus make such a colossal mistake? Who was doing the vetting? How many interviews did he go through? So, I must remind Goldy that my January article should not be criticized or portrayed as a personal endorsement of Murphy; Cumulus Media and WFNC management were solely responsible for his hiring and presence in our community.
So, this being said, Goldy's tacky text messages to me trying to shift the blame to U&CW for WFNC's poor personnel decision is morally and ethically wrong for several reasons. First, Goldy has undermined his own personal integrity and honesty. Accepting responsibility for one's actions is a fundamental aspect of ethical behavior.
When Goldy and Cumulus Media attempt to deflect blame for this poor judgment, they essentially lie, further eroding trust and damaging community relationships.
Secondly, this blame-shifting to me and the U&CW newspaper is unfair and unjust. Goldy is attempting to harm our reputation by trying to tie us into a situation we had nothing to do with. This is not only unethical but cowardly. It further demonstrates a reluctance to take responsibility for the situation.
In conclusion, I consider Goldy's failed attempt to shift and deflect the blame for the Murphy/Holland fiasco to be insulting to U&CW. If Goldy and Cumulus Media are to continue to live, operate and navigate in the Fayetteville/Cumberland County community I suggest they limit their attacks on the innocent and strive to enhance and advance more positive views focused on honesty and fairness. Both have much to contribute to the Fayetteville community. Taking responsibility for one's actions upholds ethical standards and fosters a positive, trustful, and responsive community environment.
Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

(Photos: Top Photo: Jeffrey "Goldy" Goldberg, former host of WFNC's Good Morning Fayetteville. Photo courtesy of WFNC Radio's Facebook page.  Bottom Photo: Brian Neil Holland, also known as Bill Murphy, former host of WFNC's Good Morning Fayetteville. File photo)

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