09 Picture1Once upon a time, not so far, far away, in the Land of Cape Fear Regional Theatre, fairytale creatures wove a mesmerizing story with song, dance, comedy, love, self-acceptance and, of course, a princess, a hero and a villain. In this magical place, also known as CFRT, the townspeople watched ever so closely as the landscape magically transformed from a kingdom into an ogre’s swampy home and then to an open field, a dragon’s keep with a tall-tower and so much more — right before their very eyes. In fact, the enchanted land was innovative and brilliant as  “Shrek: The Musical” unfolded upon the stage. There is still time to see it —  the play runs through Feb. 16 at CFRT.

The characters within the performance have stupendous vocals — whether speaking, shouting at each other (did I mention the ogres or the dragon yet?) or singing. The show is choreographed by Sebastiani Romagnolo and music is directed by David Maglione. From their storybook homeland, to the spellbinding music, it’s clear the performers are engrossed in the story, and it reflects in the the performance.

The audience travels along on a  journey with Shrek, played by Nicholas J. Pearson , Donkey, played by Marc De La Concha, Princess Fiona, played by Becca Vourvoulas and Lord Farquaad, played by Gabe Belyeu. The youth ensemble includes Zoi Pegues as Teen Fiona. Both Vourvoulas and Pegues appeared in CFRT’s production of “Annie” last season. It truly is an adventure for all involved. The townspeople’s involvement is not only welcomed, but expected.

CFRT does not hold back when it comes to imaginary depiction of detailed characterizations for each and every part of their productions — especially with this particular story — “Shrek: The Musical.” The talented team members at CFRT are inventive visionaries.

The first moment  audience members are received into the spellbinding world of Shrek and the others, they are whisked away on an eye-catching journey.

The costuming was impressive. Each fairytale character or person had the accurate whimsical attire to perform their representation of their character and  bring this magical production to life.

The harmonious movement in the choreography and dazzling execution of lighting and sound made an already incredible show that much more entertaining and engaging.

In a nutshell, everything about this show is amazing. The outstanding vocals of the performers, the interaction with the audience and the characters, the moments when you will literally laugh out loud, the dynamic costumes, the dancing and movement on stage during the scenes, the props and music, all of it will not only grab your attention, but hold it throughout the show.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a trip to CFRT for this theatrical performance of “Shrek: The Musical.”

There is still time to purchase tickets to see how the story plays out on stage. Visit www.cfrt.org for your entrance into a fairytale like no other!

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