03 banner C2G major updates 2Fort Bragg commissaries are now offering their ‘CLICK2GO’ curbside grocery pick up services to all Department of Defense ID card holders.

Both the North and South post commissaries will offer the service and allow customers to order up to 6 days in advance, with the option to make changes to their order for up to 6 hours before pickup time.

You can find this service at the local commissary website as well as commissaries.com or go to shopcommisaries.com, where customers can order and pay online, and pick a time for curbside pickup.

“With the system, we have signage to identify designated parking spaces,” said Tanya Cooksey, business analyst/product coordinator for Defense Commissary Agency.

“When the customer pulls up into a designated parking space, there’s a phone number on the sign, and the sign rings inside and alerts the commissary team member who will dispatch someone to retrieve
the order.”

The ‘CLICK2GO’ service provides contactless delivery to the customers, where, after showing them your ID, the team member will place the items in the backseat or trunk of the car, Cooksey said.

“The hours vary by store but the average operating hours by store is Tuesday through Friday and the operating hours are usually between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.,” Cooksey said. “For the past year or so there was a $4.95 service fee but as of recently waived so customers no longer have to pay the service fee.”

The curbside pickup is a part of DeCa’s e-commerce initiative which began in 2013 as an incentive to attract millennials with commissary privileges to use the services.

“But we are finding that everyone loves this service, retirees, new enlistees, everyone,” Cooksey said. “It’s just convenient.”

Last year the service added eight stores in the program but are now aiming at adding all 236 stores to the service by the end of the year, she said.

For more information on the program or to check store hours visit www.commissaries.com/shopping/click-2-go.

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