Cumberland County School Board approved a reassignment plan for students at T.C. Berrien Elementary school Tuesday evening.

The board voted on Plan A, which would divide the 178 students that attend T.C. Berrien Elementary School amongst Ferguson-Easley Elementary and Lucile Soulders Elementary school.

According to Cumberland County Schools, Lucile Souders currently has 284 students with a building capacity of 400 students. This plan would add 52 students to Lucile Souders. Ferguson-Easley Elementary currently has 195 students, with a building capacity of 396 students. The reassignment plan would add 126 students to Ferguson-Easley.


The approved plan will create the least amount of movement for students, as only those who normally attend T.C. Berrien are affected by the reassignment, according to the district.

The district says the furthest distance that students would have to travel is 2.9 miles, compared with 9.9 miles currently to W. T. Brown Elementary.

Some of the board members had concerns about changes in diversity and economic index for these reassignment plans. For Lucile Souders, the economic index would go down to 4.8 and 2.7 for Ferguson Easley.

The board approved the closure of T.C. Berrien Elementary school unanimously, it will close at the end of the school year.

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