Peron, de Gaulle, and Trump: Lasting legacies

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Democrats were celebrating their election victories in Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia. They have put aside at least temporarily their worries about the polls that show Donald Trump leads President Biden in the next year's presidential election.

What many do not understand is that Donald Trump has established a political powerhouse and loyal group of followers whose political framework is based simply on their devotion to Trump. It is a special kind of loyalty based on more than his advocacy of issues important to them. It is much more than that.
Their loyalty goes beyond issues.

For them, Trump is their advocate, protector, and guardian.

He is their champion or even their god.

He can do no wrong. But if he does, it will be forgiven.

Someday Trump himself will be gone. He will die, of course. Before then, he may lose an election or be defeated in another effort to take over the government by non-electoral means.
But his passing from the scene will not mean the end of the Trump movement.

Other national leaders such as Charles de Gaulle in France and Peron in Argentina have had powerful influences based on something more than issues, and their influences linger years after their deaths.
Perhaps the starkest evidence of the lasting influence of such a politician is that of Peron and his wife Eva in Argentina.

In the Nov. 19 Argentinean presidential election final, Sergio Massa and Javier Milei competed. The New York Times, Oct. 23 edition, described Massa, currently Minister of Economy, as “a two-decade veteran of Argentine politics and the new leader of the Peronist political movement that has held sway in Argentina for decades and has won nine of the last 12 free and fair presidential elections.”

Juan Peron, who died in 1974, still lives in Argentine politics.

Similarly in France, political parties and candidates still claim to be Gaullist based on their loyalty to Charles de Gaulle, the French leader who died in 1970.

In a November 9, 2021, article in Politico, John Litchfield wrote to explain the enduring influence of de Gaulle:

“In his lifetime, Charles de Gaulle was a divisive figure: revered by some, detested by others. He was adulated. He was mocked. He was finally rejected."

“No longer. Half a century plus 12 months after his death, de Gaulle is the presiding, many-headed deity of French politics."

“The far right, the right, the center, the left, the hard left, even some Greens, they are all ‘Gaullists’ now. Almost all tribes and tendencies of French politics claim to be, at least partially, followers or reincarnations of Charles de Gaulle, the wartime leader of Free France and founder of the Fifth Republic.”
Peronism and de Gaullism still live."

If our country follows the pattern of France and Argentina, Trumpism will still be in existence in 2090 when our great, great-great-grandchildren go to the polls.

Just think, your great-great-grandchildren may be able to vote for a Trumpist candidate in the United States, assuming, of course, they will still be holding elections in the U.S.

Editor's note: D.G. Martin, a retired lawyer, served as UNC-System’s vice president for public affairs and hosted PBS-NC’s North Carolina Bookwatch.

The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

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Howdy Buckaroos. Time to tip your literary toes back into the wonderful pond of Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Today’s blot on world literature retells an obscure story about three amigos. Many fairy tales don’t end happily. Some have no moral. Some just relate weird goings-on in the deep forest. Saddle up, we are going into the forest.

Once Upon a Time, in a dark forest, there lived a Mouse, a Bird, and a Sausage. It is unclear how they got together. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter. These three were living happily ever after until an oops. They knew their role in keeping the homestead happy. The bird went into the forest daily to bring back firewood. The mouse got water from the well, made a fire from the wood, and set the table. The sausage did all the cooking. Everything was swell until an outsider offered some constructive criticism.

Bird was out gathering wood when he met Bird 2. They got to cheeping to each other about their lives. Bird 2 told Bird that he was being duped by Mouse and Sausage into doing all the hard work of bringing wood. This comes under the Heading: “Let’s You and Him Fight.” After some pondering, Bird decided he was being gypped by Mouse and Sausage. The more he thought, the madder he got. The Mouse would carry the wood in, light the fire, set the table, and then take a nap. The Sausage would stir the stew pot full of vegetables, jumping and swimming in the pot to give it flavoring. If the stew needed more flavor, he would just swim slower. Not a hard job compared to hauling firewood.

The Bird called a Cottage Meeting. He refused to haul more firewood, demanding a change in the system. The Mouse defended the current system as working well. The Sausage protested the system best utilized their respective talents. The Bird retorted: “Only because we haven’t tried another way.” Like the US Congress, nothing was going to be done as the Bird was stubborn and demanded his way. They finally drew straws to reshuffle duties. The Sausage got collecting firewood. The Mouse drew cooking. The Bird got fetching water and making fire.

So how did switching from the old system to the Brave New World work out, you might ask? Not so good. The Sausage was the first to undertake his new task. He went out into the woods but did not come back when expected. The Bird went out looking for the Sausage. He came across a dog in the woods. The dog was licking his chops. Bird: “Have you seen a Sausage?” Dog: “Yes. I just ate him. He was delicious.” Bird: “You can’t do that, it’s against the law!” Dog: “He was carrying forged papers and that is a capital crime.” Bird: “That’s ridiculous. Where are the papers?” Dog: “I ate them too.” Despite his name, Bird was no bird brain. A fight between a bird and a dog would not go well for the bird. Bird flew back home with the bad news.

Mouse was quite sad but realized they had to carry on without Sausage. While Mouse was stirring the stew for supper, he recalled how Sausage would swim in the stew to season it. She jumped into the stewpot but drowned because she could not swim in boiling vegetables. Bird freaked out when he saw the most sincerely dead Mouse floating amid carrots. Bird was building the fire when he observed the stewed Mouse. In shock, he knocked the logs out of the fireplace causing the cottage to catch fire. Bird flew to the well to get water to put out the fire. Unfortunately, in Bird’s agitated state, he managed to get his foot caught in the rope to the well’s bucket. When the bucket went into the well, it dragged Bird into the water. Bird drowned.

Grimms’ story ends: “The Bird drowned, and that was the end of them all.”

So, what have we learned today? Once again, very little. What can we scrape out of this dark tale? The Grimm Boys were aptly named. Some of their stories are pretty grim. Outsiders criticizing a working system can mess things up. Just because you can do something, does not mean you should do it. If you don’t like the way an election turns out, it does not necessarily mean you should do away with elections. Dogs make bad lawyers. Never swim in a stew pot. Finally, if you can find a sausage who can cook, don’t send him out for firewood.

How business brokers determine worth

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When the decision has been made to sell your business, the next step is perhaps the most crucial of all: determining the value of your business. There are several ways this can be done, but it isn’t an exact science. For that reason, it is essential that you seek out a trained broker to help you determine how much your business is worth.

But don’t expect that broker to tell you everything you want to hear. Their job is to be honest and straightforward. This is to help facilitate the easiest and most profitable outcome for you. Sometimes that may mean hearing some hard truths. For instance, you may find that current market conditions mean your business isn’t worth quite what you thought it would be. It can happen. After all, valuing your business doesn't take in the years of work that you’ve put into it.

No matter what the value of your business turns out to be, an established broker, like the ones at

Transworld Business Advisors of Eastern NC, can help you find ways to improve your business to expediate its sale and provide realistic advice and information about how the sale will go.

Common valuation approaches

What are the most common ways that brokers determine the value of your business? Here are the top approaches:
• Comparing similar businesses in your category and focusing on the business’s specific industry and how it values companies—a market approach.
• Projecting the future earnings of your business and calculating the present value of those earnings or applying a capitalization rate—an income approach
• Calculating the business’s net asset value—an asset approach
• Understanding valuation factors

Not everyone is well versed in the language of business evaluation. Understanding some of the basic terminology can help you when you start the process of determining your business’s value.

To start, tangible assets are assets that have physical substance such as inventory, a building, rolling stock, manufacturing equipment or machinery, and office furniture. The flip side of that, intangible assets include patents, copyright, franchises, goodwill, trademarks, and trade names, as well as any form of digital asset such as software, i.e., things that lack physical substance.

Then there are liabilities. These are the things your company owes like payments to suppliers, salaries and wages, payroll taxes and loans. The measures of a business’s health and performance such as profits, revenue, expenses, or other financial outcomes are the financial metrics.

Finally, business owners need to consider that not all trends are specific to profit. From inflation to recession to the availability of capital, the larger macroeconomics can play a role in what your business will be valued.

Benefits of valuing your business

Even if you aren’t ready to sell, there are many values to knowing the true value of your company.
• Helps you plan for retirement and your exit strategy of how to leave your business.
• Provides time to implement a strategy to improve your company prior to exit.
• Guides you to the best options if you are seeking additional funding.

At Transworld, we have years of experience selling businesses just like yours, and we can provide insight into how to accurately value your business. In fact, we’ve helped business owners sell more than 15,000 businesses, and we have 250-plus offices worldwide with more than 850 brokers. During our 40 years of experience, we have learned that it can take on average nine months to sell your business, but larger deals may require up to a year. Our Business Advisors have the training and know-how to help ensure you get the best deal.

For a free consultation, contact Ashley Kelsey with Transworld Business Advisors of Eastern NC at 910-302-6447 or email

Parking: downtown's perpetual problem

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It's good news for Downtown Fayetteville businesses and residents that Cumberland County Commissioners approved a parking deck proposal that addresses many of the concerns citizens have about the parking availability for downtown customers, visitors, employees, and those with business at the Courthouse.

Parking availability has always been a top-tier concern for Fayetteville's downtown businesses and property owners. Fears of a more significant deficit parking situation have amplified since the discussions began on constructing the much-needed Crown Event Center.

Over the past several years, I have written at least a dozen articles concerning the parking situation downtown and the need for the parking policy to be reformed or addressed logically. City elected officials seem to disregard the logic, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and desperate pleas from downtown businesses and organizations that parking reform is needed. The parking situation downtown is the City's perpetual oxymoron*. i.e. The City wants to attract businesses and organizations to locate downtown.

The City wants all businesses and organizations to succeed and prosper downtown. The City seeks to attract residents, visitors, and guests to shop and experience our Historic Downtown Fayetteville culture.
Most of all, the City wants to project a friendly, hospitable, and welcoming community image. All are noteworthy and commendable; however, the deplorable parking situation contradicts every one of those aspirations.

How can the City attract businesses to locate downtown if there is nowhere for their customers or employees to park? How can Fayetteville project a friendly, hospitable, and welcoming community image

if the highly visible Parking police are stalking each parking stall for their next victim?

Lastly, you can discuss how Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro handle their downtown parking all day long, but this is Fayetteville. Charging fees after 5 p.m. can only be interpreted as entrapment, especially, for out-of-towners coming to the City to dine, shop or enjoy an event.

Call me crazy, but free parking can benefit the City and downtown businesses by increasing foot traffic and making it easier for people to visit the unique shops, restaurants, and arts organizations. This means they would spend money!

In addition to free parking, the City and all the other downtown-related organizations should work on changing the mindset of residents by promoting free parking, emphasizing the pedestrian-friendly atmosphere that encourages people to stroll, explore, and frequent businesses.

If free parking is out of the question and City officials really want to improve the parking situation painlessly, they could

• 1. Stop charging fees after 5 p.m.,

• 2. Start advertising, marketing, and promoting that Downtown Fayetteville has two conveniently located and affordable parking decks.

The Franklin St. parking deck is the best-kept secret downtown.

Together, these elements can contribute to a thriving downtown that attracts residents and tourists, boosting the local Fayetteville economy.

The new Crown Event Center will be a welcome addition to Historic Downtown Fayetteville. Now, is the time to address those factors that will maximize its impact.

Thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly.

*Oxymoron defined: noun, a figure of speech which is apparently contradictory.

The need for Tricare and Medicare

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“I have Tricare. I don’t need anything else.”

I hear this a lot in Fayetteville and while it is true that “need” doesn’t play a factor, there is a strong consideration for want. Several years ago, Tricare and VA benefits made having Medicare Parts A and B mandatory. Together, they tend to take care of all the medical bills; however, it opens a door to allow people with Tricare or VA benefits to take advantage of the inducements being offered through Medicare Advantage plans.

As discussed in my last article, Medicare Advantage offers many inducements like Dental, Vision, Hearing Aids, transportation, Part B Buybacks, gym memberships, over-the-counter benefits, and more. Tricare and VA recipients are no exception. The medical-only Medicare Advantage plans tend to offer larger part B buyback benefits than the plans that include prescription drug coverage which is perfect for those with Tricare or VA benefits as their drug coverage is already seen to. These MA plans do not affect medical benefits already covered by Tricare or VA Benefits and indeed allow the option of visits to civilian doctors at very low costs.

Retired State Employees can also benefit from MA plans. Currently, state employees have the option of a Blue Cross Blue Shield 70/30 plan or the Humana MAPD plan. In the benefits booklet they receive, it outlines how much better the Humana plan is; however, it leaves out a key component: the BCBSNC 70/30 plan coordinates benefits with both supplements or a medical-only Medicare Advantage plan while the Humana plan does not. Many of the inducements offered in MA plans are not available through the state Humana group plan. Having the state 70/30 plan coordinating with a medical-only MA plan actually provides far superior coverage to just the Humana group Medicare plan as the state generally picks up the copays that the MA plan charges. This combo also gives the inducements that retirees are missing out on.

Retired Federal Employees have their own custom-tailored MA plans as well offered by some carriers. These function a little differently than most MA plans in that they don’t have as many of the same inducements, but they generally pick up all the copays from the federal retiree plan as well as they tend to have some of the richest Part B Buyback benefits.

Finally, people who are full Medicaid recipients who are also on Medicare are a special class known as dual eligibles. The industry has plans called D-SNP plans with the richest inducements of all, including hundreds of dollars monthly in food benefits. Some companies offer unlimited transportation to medical appointments, the gym, and the grocery store on these plans as well as unlimited dental in addition to all the other traditional MA inducements.

Long story short, if you’re retired and have an employer-provided plan or one of the insurances mentioned already, there are ways to maximize your coverage and added benefits by using Medicare Advantage.

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